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Generations dedicated to recycling

Family-owned and -operated for over 110 years, Whitehouse & Schapiro, LLC is a global textile trading company based in Baltimore, Maryland. We are involved in every facet of the secondhand textile recycling industry and deal in a wide variety of goods including clothing, shoes, purses, hard and soft toys, household items and more.

creating jobs

enhancing economies

minimizing landfills


We are committed to creating opportunities and building enduring relationships with our suppliers, customers and partners. To us, secondhand goods are more than an industry, they are a family tradition. Since 1907, we have been growing and servicing a worldwide network of suppliers, graders, wholesalers and retailers.

Our Unparalleled Global Network

Our global network touches nearly every continent, creating opportunities and economic growth.

“Whitehouse and Schapiro isn’t just our supplier. Brian has been our true partner and the big reason we have been able to grow so big in Chile market and help us to expand around the world, to Asia, to Africa.”

-Turgut Sutcu. Santiago, Chile