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  1. Sustainable Fashion—Everything You Need To Know

    As people, we’ve become more environmentally conscious than we were in the past. It’s easy to obtain information about unethical and irresponsible behavior that is causing harm to our environment.   We’re also more aware about certain habits and products we purchase that have proven to be dangerous for the world. But while we’re all [read more…]

  2. What Can We Learn From Old Landfills?

    Landfills…the continuously expanding, large piles of garbage we conveniently forget about outside the city. As much as we’d like to pretend that we’ll always have a specific area of land that we can dump all our trash into – it’s just not true.   Landfills take up a lot of space and at the rate [read more…]

  3. Your Fashion Choices Can Protect the Planet

    The fashion industry has become the second greatest polluter of our planet simply because of the amount of clothes we’re purchasing nowadays. Thanks to the low cost of fast-fashion, people are buying more clothes than ever before.   The fashion industry causes severe damage to the environment during the manufacturing process and when it comes [read more…]

  4. 4 Reasons Why Clothing Swaps Are Awesome

    Has a shopping spree ever left you with a heavy chest, concerned about the money you just spent?   Research shows that Americans shop for clothes way more than they we need to.   What makes things worse, is that we only wear about 20% of what we purchase – the other 80% just sits [read more…]

  5. Steps To Hosting A Successful Clothing Swap

    Clothing swaps are an excellent way to get new clothes without spending a dime; you simply exchange your clothes with other people’s clothes. It’s easy and fun, and if you make the right calls, you can be leaving them with a handful of great additions to your wardrobe.   Clothing swaps are hosted by communities; [read more…]

  6. Essential Items That You Should Donate!

    SOCKS Socks are heavily needed but are rarely donated. After a big storm that leaves villages flooded (very common in the developing world), socks are needed to keep f warm and dry.   BLANKETS Whether you’re donating to people stuck in a war zone or somewhere that is hit by a natural disaster, a warm, [read more…]

  7. Shoes Donation Improving Lives & Environment

    ONE IN TWO lives in extreme poverty in sub-saharan Africa. The average American throws away 70 pounds of TEXTILE every year! It is estimated that over 20 million orphaned children are without shoes. The number of orphans in Africa that need shoes is astounding! Uganda 2.3M Tanzania 2.4M Angola 1.2M   Barefoot children who are homeless [read more…]