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  1. Donate Responsibly – Not all African Countries need your clothes

    Donating clothes is easy and it makes us feel good about ourselves. People presume that donated clothes are simply handed over to those in need. This does happen but the majority of the times clothes are given sold to exporters who ship the clothes to third world nations that are in need. African countries happen to be [read more…]

  2. 5 Things you definitely need to recycle

    Donating clothes is the easiest way to help the needy – if you’re giving them clothes they actually need instead of just clothes you can no longer store around the house. With a clothing bin on every other street, it’s very simple to drop-off unwanted clothes and feel better about yourself. However, recent studies have shown [read more…]

  3. Benefits of Buying Credential Clothing for Exporters

    Credential clothing is defined as donated clothes that are untouched, unsorted and ungraded. They remain in the bags that they were donated in. Although it is called ‘credential clothing’ it consists of used shoes as well.   At Whitehouse & Shapiro we gather credential clothing from all over America. We purchase from Goodwill and other organizations [read more…]

  4. Tips on Donating Effectively After a Natural Disaster

    We witness a handful of natural disasters every year that leave thousands of people devastated. Just last year, the US was hit with a couple of the worst hurricanes ever, the people of Bangladesh struggled with their wettest monsoon season and Mexico had an earthquake that shook the nation.   Natural disasters happen and while we [read more…]

  5. 5 Easy Ways to Reduce Landfill Waste

    If you’ve never thought of the amount of waste you produce, it’s about time you start. The space taken up by landfills is rapidly increasing. Our population continues to grow and we still rely heavily on plastics, meaning that in the next few years, our landfill waste can double and it can begin breaching into [read more…]

  6. Laundry Tips For Donating Clothing

    Whenever disaster strikes the country, Americans open up their hearts and help out in whatever way they can.   When it comes to clothes donations, we don’t hold back at all. Every year, we put more and more bags worth of clothing into donations bins across the country. Unfortunately, these bags, full of old clothing, [read more…]

  7. The Dos And Don’ts Of Clothing Bin Donations

    It’s very simple to drop off used clothes in clothing bins and feel good about yourself. But before you walk away feeling proud of the donation you just made, keep theses dos and don’ts of clothing bins in your mind:   Clothing bins are not trash bins Yes, there are plenty of people in need of [read more…]

  8. How To Donate Used Clothing Responsibly

    All those clothing bins around the block do make it easy to donate clothes but your donations don’t always end up in the right hands; in fact a large portion of them will sadly end up in landfills.   If you’re under the impression that the clothing bins are emptied on to a truck that takes [read more…]