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  1. Global Warning: Can Recycling Clothes Help with Global Warming?

    We all have a role to play in our lives. Whether it’s to spend every day working on a new invention that will take the world by storm or to educate those around us about the importance, and the value of a safe, healthy environment.   Mother Nature’s beauty is endless, no doubt. But so [read more…]

  2. Why Your Next Marketing Strategy Should Focus on Textile Recycling

    Brands like Fashion revolution Singapore have been making headlines for their use of secondhand clothing and recycled materials to promote sustainable fashion trends.   With fashion designers now focusing on the importance of recycling, donating, and recreating trends, consumers are now becoming more aware of the importance of donating secondhand clothing to charities and institutions.   [read more…]

  3. Industries with the Largest Fabric Waste

    In South Korean culture, it’s common for senior students to gather and donate their hand-me-to-downs to their juniors to wear to graduation ceremonies.   In some cultures, it’s become a tradition for families to not purchase new clothing for their youngest children. These communities focus on recycling clothes by handing them down from the eldest to [read more…]

  4. How Textile Recycling Innovation Challenges the Fashion Industry

    There was a time when fashion was limited to those who could afford them. Once fiercely protective of their clothing line, fashion designers are now working toward making their brands affordable to the average consumer.   However, this has led to problems. First, the goal of making the latest trends affordable to the average consumer [read more…]

  5. The Impact of Second-Hand Clothes and Shoes in the UK

    There are an estimated 118,995 refugees living in the U.K. according to a survey conducted by the British Red Cross.   With more and more people coming to the U.K. to seek help, there has also been a crisis in finding shelters, jobs, and basic necessities for these refugees.   Many people come to the U.K. [read more…]

  6. Five Ways Modern Fashion Habits Are Destroying The Environment

    Use Of Hazardous Chemicals When plants are grown to create fibers for clothes, the plants are heavily sprayed with harsh pesticides. According to The World Health Organization, “3 million people suffer from pesticides. “3 million people suffer from pesticide poisoning annually” More than 3o different types of harsh chemicals are used in the process of [read more…]

  7. LEATHER The Harms &Toxicity!

    The current worldwide market for leather is booming Annually, 23 Billion Square Feet is produced! It is worth more than $77 Billion The Chinese & Indian are among the World Leaders Where Leather Comes From The type of leather produced in a given region depends largely on the dominant source available. In the Americas, its [read more…]

  8. The Dark Side of the Fashion Industry

    On a nice Saturday afternoon, two teenage girls browse through a fashion magazine, looking at the latest trends for winter. They pick the styles and accessories they feel will suit them. They then make a list of all the fashion accessories and clothes that they will purchase the following week. Thousands of miles away, in [read more…]

  9. The Best Recycling Ideas to Try This Winter

    With winter holidays here, there’s always something to do. Catering to customers can be difficult, especially during the winter season. Not only do customers want something they can use throughout the cold, frosty season, they want reliable services. While many businesses aim to create new products, they forget about the importance of recycling old materials [read more…]