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  1. Myths About used clothing You Need to Stop Believing

    Did you know? 16 million tons of clothing waste is generated annually in the U.S out of which only 2 million is donated, others end up in trash!   The Demand Is High In America There may be a lot of homeless people in America but the amount of clothes that are thrown into trash [read more…]

  2. 3 Reasons to Put the Brakes on Fast Fashion

    Do you find yourself discarding old clothes once new styles are launched? You might be a victim of fast fashion! This practice refers to the global trend of disposing clothing designs and styles at an alarmingly fast pace to make way for new apparel.   Here’s why fast fashion needs to be stopped right now. [read more…]

  3. Brands On Board with Fashion Recycling

    Nearly 10.5 million tons of fabrics are discarded annually by the average American. This is usually collected and sent to landfills, where it takes several years for the clothes to decompose.   Realizing the environmental impacts fast fashion has had, quite a few brands have developed sustainable practices for their clothing lines. Let’s take a look [read more…]

  4. 5 Ways to Repurpose Used Clothing

    Do you have a bunch of perfectly good clothes you’re tired of wearing? Is your favorite tee in tethers, waiting to be discarded? We’ve got a few ideas for you to reuse your old clothes.   Make It into Something New Did you know that nearly 2.5 billion pounds of textiles are recycled each year? Now [read more…]

  5. Why You Should Donate Your Clothes

    Did you just clean out your closet? Have a carton full of old clothes lying around? Here’s why you should donate them. Reduces Textile Waste According to a survey, Americans throw away nearly 81 pounds of clothing each year. In fact, a study found that nearly 193, 000 tons of textile waste is generated annually in [read more…]

  6. Textile Waste: How It Is Destroying the Planet

    Did you know that the textile industry is the world’s second biggest polluter? When talking of environmental concerns and waste, the clothing industry rarely comes to mind. However, the fashion industry has become a huge threat to the environment over the past few decades with its unsustainable practices.   What Is Textile Waste? Textile waste [read more…]

  7. 5 Celebrities Who Thrift Shop

    According to research published in The Atlantic, Americans only recycle around 15% of their old clothes. Most of their discarded garments end up in landfills, taking an enormous amount of space. Further research has shown that around 18% of Americans shop from thrift stores each year.   While frugal fashion has been long been debated, [read more…]

  8. 4 Myths about Used Clothing You Need to Stop Believing

    According to a study released by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, every second, about 9 tons of clothing is sent to garbage dumps and destroyed forever. Keep in mind that most of this clothing is still in wearable condition, and could have easily kept someone covered for a couple more years.   Over the years, people have [read more…]

  9. Important Reasons Everyone Needs to Recycle

    Despite environmentalists urging us to recycle for decades now, we still haven’t taken it seriously enough. While wealthy nations have taken some steps to reduce the use of plastics and other non-biodegradable products, there’s still a long way to go.   These countries may have implemented environmentally friendly procedures within their borders but they have [read more…]

  10. What happens to Donated Used Shoes?

    Every year Americans discard around 80 tons of clothing. We donate clothing without giving it much of a thought, however, when it comes to shoes – we’re hesitant. After all, who’d want our smelly, worn out shoes?   The harsh truth is that there are millions of people out there who will be overjoyed at [read more…]