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In 1907 Solomon Schapiro immigrated with his young family to Baltimore, Maryland from the city of Lemberg, in the old Austria-Hungarian Empire. A prosperous wool merchant in the Old Country, Solomon started over in the U.S. in the “junk business,” and family lore tells of him on a horse and buggy traveling Baltimore’s streets, collecting everything from scrap metal and paper to bottles and rags.

The latter ended up being the item that built the family legacy. Over the years, the Schapiro family focused on and became world-recognized leaders in the textile recycling industry. The Schapiro family name has become known in the industry for expertise, integrity, and reliability.

Today, the family business, now called Whitehouse & Schapiro, is still based in Baltimore, Maryland and is headed by Solomon’s great-great-grandson Brian London, who carries on the family’s longstanding tradition and reputation while expanding and adapting the company to the ever-changing modern marketplace.

Through The Decades

The squad

Experienced in all facets of the industry, the professionals of Whitehouse & Schapiro, LLC are committed to providing excellent service, environmental stewardship, and entrepreneurial partnerships.

The Thread that Binds Us

At the heart of our company has been a commitment to developing enduring and meaningful relationships.

The notion of family extends beyond the Schapiro family. Employees’ families are in second and third generations with the company.

Suppliers and customers become intimate members of the Whitehouse & Schapiro network as the company serves as a long-term partner, often supporting and investing to strengthen them, building connections that last for many years.

Leadership and Affiliations

Whitehouse & Schapiro is honored to serve as a trusted partner, affiliate and member of the industry’s governing bodies.

Our Environmental Commitment

By expertly matching products to world markets and orchestrating the recycling of unwearable or unusable goods, we stay as green as can be. The work we do keeps textiles out of landfills and promotes life cycle recycling, ultimately protecting our natural environment and enhancing ecosystem resilience.

let’s work together

We’d love to welcome you to the Whitehouse & Schapiro family.