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3 Things to Know About Purchasing Secondhand Clothes

Buying secondhand clothing has never been as important as it is now, with the call for global climate action being made. Buying from thrift stores has many advantages and is a great way to support eco-fashion.


Here’s what you need to know about purchasing secondhand clothes from thrift stores.


It Helps You Find Rare Items

You have greater chance of finding a vintage piece of clothing at a thrift store than at one of the designer stores in the mall. In fact, thrift stores are known for stocking clothing items that are rare and no longer available fora sale in retail stores. You can even find a branded, limited edition clothing item at these stores if their previous owners discard them because of changing fashion trends.


Can’t find leopard printed pants anywhere in the mall? Hoping to get your hands on a woolen sweater or a bedazzled denim jacket? Thrift stores are your best bet!


On top of that, you can easily mix and match different pieces of clothing to put together a complete outfit.


It Saves You Hundreds of Dollars

Not only do you get to buy these rare items more easily from thrift stores, but you also get to save money while doing so.


A denim jacket at one of the prominent designer stores can easily cost up to $60, and a plain black t-shirt may be available for $15. Even when on sale, the prices aren’t going to be as low as the ones you’ll find at thrift stores.


Do you really want to spend $75 on a shirt and a jacket, when you can get multiple clothing items within this amount at your local thrift store? You can utilize this budget to easily mix and match different pieces of clothing to put together a complete outfit, instead of buying just one or two expensive items. You might even be able to purchase multiple outfits for the same price.


Secondhand clothing stores also frequently have sales and offer discounts. Additionally, many stores offer bargain prices. Shopping secondhand is definitely a budget-friendly option.


It Helps Reduce Textile Waste

Almost every American owns a pair of jeans, with many having their own private jeans collections in their wardrobes. Did you know 1,000 gallons of water are used to make a just a single pair of jeans? Imagine the amount of resources used in manufacturing, packaging, and distributing just this one particular clothing item. Add to this the fact that Americans throw out almost 81 pounds of used clothing and that’s many more resources used to discard and decompose these garments.


By buying secondhand, you get to prevent discarded clothing ending up in landfills. This not only helps reduce textile waste but also encourages sustainable fashion trends that allows for recycling and repurposing of fabrics.


At Whitehouse & Schapiro, LLC, we encourage eco-fashion by recycling garments, used clothing, secondhand shoes, and mixed rags, and selling them to various thrift stores.


Donate your secondhand clothes to us now!




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