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3 Ways to Recycle Old Shoes That Aren’t in Good Condition


It’s no secret, Americans love shoes! In fact, most of the world loves shoes. The Global Sports Market 2019 report showed that consumers spend $130.5 billion on footwear every year!


In the younger generation, there’s even a fragment of the market that’s referred to as “sneakerheads”; these “kids” drive the sales of luxury sports footwear. Classic Air Jordans that came out in the mid-80s can still be sold for $2,000 today!


It’s Not Just A Pair of Shoes—It’s Protective Gear

The problem with purchasing so much footwear is that we can’t wear it enough. Over the years, footwear has transformed into a status symbol as opposed to protective gear for our feet.


And although there’s no problem with walking around in shoes that are worth thousands of dollars, it’s troubling to know that people still lose lives because they don’t have footwear to protect their feet. For them, footwear is a need—not something they show off.


Reports show that every year, two billion people around the globe become infected by parasitic diseases caused by contaminated soil. With 34% of the world’s population living on an income of just $2/day, a huge number of people can’t afford to purchase decent shoes that protect their feet.


So what can we do to help? We donate!


Donate Shoes, Save Lives

As people who have plenty of shoes at our disposal, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our unwanted shoes reach the feet of those who need them the most.


You can donate shoes in the following ways:


Return them to Manufacturers

Companies like Adidas are paving the way for sustainable footwear. The sportswear giant claims that by 2024, it will only be using recycled plastic to make shoes. Adidas is one of the many apparel companies that are accepting used clothes and used donations for recycling purposes.


Put Them Into a Shoe Bank or A Shoe Recycling Bin

Just because your shoes are in poor condition, doesn’t mean they’re of no use. Recycling companies can take shoes apart and find ways to recycle various parts. The rubber and plastic portions can be sold to various industries, while the cloth components can be made into other items.


Donate to Charities

Shoes that are run down but can still be used should be donated to charities or second-hand clothing traders like Whitehouse & Schapiro. Be sure to only donate to responsible charities that ensure donations reach those who need them.


Before you donate shoes, please clean them thoroughly; wash them, and leave them to dry in the sun.


Whitehouse & Schapiro collects donated used shoes from Baltimore and sells them to importers in various parts of Africa. These used shoes are sold to the local community at affordable rates, so everyone is able to protect their feet.


Note: Whitehouse & Schapiro collects excess inventory from thrift locations and credential clothing via Clean Out Your Closets for a Cause™ (COYC™). COYC™ is a successful credential collection program that enables non-profit organizations to engage churches, businesses, schools, municipalities, donors, and volunteers in their fundraising efforts.

Contact us for more information.


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