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4 Reasons Why Clothing Swaps Are Awesome


Has a shopping spree ever left you with a heavy chest, concerned about the money you just spent?


Research shows that Americans shop for clothes way more than they we need to.


What makes things worse, is that we only wear about 20% of what we purchase – the other 80% just sits there in our closet until we decides it’s time to dispose of them.


That feeling of guilt caused by overspending sucks the joy out of having new clothes.


If you have a problem with spending excessively at the boutique or the mall, head to a clothing swap instead!


Clothing swaps are excellent for those with a tendency to overspend and feel guilty later on when it comes to shopping.


Here is why shopping at a clothes swap is so much better:


It’s Easier To Try On Clothes

In stores clothes have a number of labels, price/information tags and security tags attached to them. As you try on the clothes you have to be super careful about not ruining the item in any way.


In clothing swaps, the clothes have been washed, pressed and worn a number of times. There are no tags attached. Although you still can’t damage the clothes, trying them on at a clothes swap is more stress-free.


You’re More Open To Experimenting

In clothing swaps you don’t have to worry about losing cash so people are usually more open to experimenting with their style. They aren’t questioning how often they’ll get to wear the items they are getting.


You Feel Better Knowing That Your Clothes Aren’t Thrown Away

When people can’t find a donation box around them, they tend to throw away their used clothes. At clothing swaps, you can rest assured that your clothes haven’t gone to waste and are being used by someone who wants/needs them.


It’s Not Just About Clothes

Who says that clothing swaps are just about exchanging clothes?


You can bring along used shoes and accessories as well! If you’re a good negotiator, you be able to give away your clothes to get a new shoe collection!


Whatever clothes you don’t sell can then be dropped off into a clothing bin or donated to a charity.


Whitehouse & Shapiro has established itself as an industry leader in the second-hand clothing industry. We purchase credential clothing from all over the country. If you have clothes to giveaway you can drop by our offices in Baltimore or at our clothing bins.


Contact us today at 410-356-8003 for more information.

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