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5 Celebrities Who Thrift Shop


According to research published in The Atlantic, Americans only recycle around 15% of their old clothes. Most of their discarded garments end up in landfills, taking an enormous amount of space. Further research has shown that around 18% of Americans shop from thrift stores each year.


While frugal fashion has been long been debated, these celebrities have made a statement with their thrifty choices.


Julia Roberts

When it comes to celebrities who love a good bargain, you can’t cross off Julia Roberts’ name. The actress may have starred in glamorous movies such as Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, and My Best Friend’s Wedding, but that hasn’t stopped her from advocating sustainable fashion.


In fact, at one point Roberts was said to be the highest paid actress, making at least $15 million per movie. Her wealth certainly hasn’t stopped her frugal lifestyle and she’s been spotted shopping at thrift stores multiple times with her children.


Julia Roberts has definitely shown us that we don’t need high-end brands to buy top quality and eco-friendly clothing from!


Anne Hathaway

Another star to have supported thrifty shopping over the years is Anne Hathaway. The ball gowns and dresses she wore in her Princess Diaries films were truly a royal sight, but in real life, Hathaway is committed to eco-friendly and sustainable fashion.


During her Colossal press tour, Hathaway wore a gorgeous floral dress that her stylist bought from a flea market ten years ago. This vintage $15 dress was paired with environment-friendly accessories, showing Hathaway’s support for sustainable fashion.


Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue has long been on board with thrifty fashion choices. Back in 2009, she was spotted at a Salvation Army store buying clothes and accessories. The singer reportedly spent $40 for two dresses at the thrift store. That’s not all! In her Spinning Around video, the iconic gold pants worn by Minogue too came from a thrift store.


The singer has definitely not shied away from using secondhand apparel in her personal and professional life.


Zooey Deschanel


You may know her for her quirky roles, but Zooey Deschanel likes to add the quirk in her real life as well.


The New Girl actress is big on thrift shopping and thoroughly enjoys looking through various secondhand stores and flea markets.


In fact, she has found a number of stylish items at these shops that suit her personal style and are a valuable addition to her closet.



After his hit song Thrift Shop, Macklemore went on to top the charts for weeks breaking records and earning millions. However, the rapper has stayed true to his famous number and continues to shop at thrift stores. Most of the items in his wardrobe have been collected from thrift stores, and he proudly uses secondhand clothing for his shows.


Adorning thrifty clothes definitely hasn’t affected Macklemore’s ability to sell out shows and rock his performances! In fact, he has become an icon for thrift shopping in recent years.


Inspired by these celebrities? Donate your used shoes to Whitehouse & Schapiro, LLC and encourage eco-fashion through recycling of garments!  We accept used clothes which are then sold off to thrift stores for affordable and eco-friendly consumerism.

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