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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Landfill Waste


If you’ve never thought of the amount of waste you produce, it’s about time you start. The space taken up by landfills is rapidly increasing. Our population continues to grow and we still rely heavily on plastics, meaning that in the next few years, our landfill waste can double and it can begin breaching into our cities.


The Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance claims that 70% of the waste we found in landfills can be can be re-used or recycled!


To slow the expansion of landfills, we must taken action to reduce the waste we generate on a day-to-day basis.


Check out these simple ways to reduce landfill waste:


1. Reduce food waste

We really don’t pay much attention to the food we waste at all. A bite here and there or a couple of extra spoonfuls may not look like much but if you think of how often you do it, you’ve dumped quite a few meals in your life. Get into the habit of taking small portions of food – use a small plate if you have to so you only take as much as you need. Save leftovers and eat them the next day and if you really don’t think you get finish it off before it goes bad, give it to the homeless – there are plenty of people sitting on the streets that will happy to eat anything you give them.


2. Buy in bulk

By buying goods in bulk, not only are you saving costs, you’re also saving packaging. A single large pack of toilet-paper rolls uses less plastic than 6 small packs off toilet-paper rolls.


3. Use a glass bottle

We need water but our need of water doesn’t have to harm the environment. Instead of buying a bunch of plastic bottles of water every day, get yourself reusable water. You’ll save money and you’ll protect the environment while you’re at it too.


4. Buy less stuff

It really is as easy as that. We spend way more than we need to. Don’t shop until it is absolutely necessary. Focus on what you need instead of what you want.


5. Donate clothes

Fast-fashion is poison for the environment. Clothes wear out easily so they shouldn’t be a problem for the environment right? Wrong! Many of the synthetic fibers today contain the same polymers used to make plastic and can take over a century to decompose.


Be responsible about the amount of clothes you purchase and how you dispose of them. Donate them responsibly and extend their lifecycle instead of dumping them in the trash.


At Whitehouse & Shapiro, we take great pride in what we do. We’ve developed a business model which combines our passion for philanthropy and protection of the environment. With our efforts we’re able to save millions of tons of clothing waste from being dumped in landfills annually. Our donated-used-clothes are shipped off to trusted partners in foreign markets, who only purchase goods that are in demand in their relevant markets.


Want to join our mission to reduce clothing waste around the world? Contact us to find out how you can help.

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