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5 Things you definitely need to recycle


Donating clothes is the easiest way to help the needy – if you’re giving them clothes they actually need instead of just clothes you can no longer store around the house. With a clothing bin on every other street, it’s very simple to drop-off unwanted clothes and feel better about yourself. However, recent studies have shown that donated clothes can be doing more harm than good to in certain countries – especially East African countries. Countries in East Africa are claiming that large imports of donated used clothes have caused local textile businesses to close down.


Clothing donations are a necessity but in order for them to help, they need to be clothes that they actually need.


Here are 5 things people definitely need to donate:


1. Baby clothes

Good quality baby clothes are expensive and because babies grow out of them so easily, many in the developing world do not bother investing in them. There may be countries in Africa that do produce low-cost T-shirts and adult clothing but locally-produced baby clothes aren’t that common. If you have baby clothes that you no longer need, you should absolutely donate them to reliable organization that will make sure they reach those who need it most.


2. Socks

Socks may not seem like much to you but for millions of people around the world, a pair of clean socks is a luxury. Socks are especially needed for those in third-world countries that have suffered from a natural disaster such as a hurricane or flood.


Make sure the socks are washed and properly cleaned with no rips or else they will be discarded.


3. Underwear

Underwear is essential yet so many in the developing world do not buy them because they don’t consider it a necessity. DO NOT donate used underwear. Purchase low-cost underwear of decent quality and drop them off at a reliable charity.


4. Blankets

So many people across the world have been forced to leave the comfort of their homes due to wars or natural disasters. Clean blankets that can keep them warm during cold nights are much appreciated.


5. Functional bags

Your kids may no longer want their old school bags with the Disney princesses any more but schoolbags are incredibly helpful for people in develop countries.


We at Whitehouse & Shapiro make sure that we match your donated used clothes with countries that need those specific items. We ship t-shirts, baby clothes and shoes to parts of Africa, cotton sweaters to Pakistan, winter-clothing to Eastern Europe and vintage clothing to Japan.


Have clothes you want to donate? Contact us to find out how you can help.

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