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6 Reasons to Avoid Black Friday Shopping and What You Can Do Instead



Black Friday has been the official kick-off for holiday season since as far back as we can remember. If you’re someone who loves to stay on top of their gift shopping list and holiday preparation, then you’re no stranger to this auspicious occasion.


You like hitting all the sales and getting all the great deals on various electronic items and other consumer goods. Some retailers have even shifted their sales online to attract more buyers and sell more goods. Nowadays, there are more week long sales as opposed to just on the day after thanksgiving.


On the other hand, there are some of us who don’t like to indulge the idea of consumerist behavior and consider it detrimental to our wellbeing. According to statistics, more than half (52%) people will end up buying something that they will later regret and men are more likely to make regrettable choices than women.


Is Black Friday all that it’s hyped up to be? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to NOT get roped into the black Friday business in 2019.


Avoid the traffic

With everyone rushing to stores and malls to make their purchases before anyone else, there’s an air of unnecessary competition. It also results in excessive traffic on highways and parking lots which can be super frustrating. Tempers run high and little is accomplished in attempts to get the best deal.


Avoid people

There are hoards of people and plenty more foot traffic in malls. It can get too stuffy and risky to take children along as well because they can easily get lost. Pick pocketing and petty theft rates also rise because security personnel find it difficult to manage with large crowds. There have also been several incidents of violence reported during black Friday sales.


Choose restful sleep instead

People go as far as to wake up at ungodly hours to line up outside stores or to get the best deals online the minute they hit. Do you really want to lose sleep on buying something that will give you momentary happiness? Enjoy your holiday break by disconnecting and distressing instead.


Enjoy thanksgiving wholly

Some people are so pre-occupied with the idea of getting the best deals, they rush through their thanksgiving plans. While the holiday is about spending time with your loved ones and family, we are willing to sacrifice it for materials.


Not all deals are worth it

There’s more fluff about how amazing deals are but very few stores actually follow through with it. You’re more likely to get a better bargain at other times of the year on many stores. Black Friday is not the biggest sale day of the year anymore and higher discounts are on brands which aren’t even that worth it.


Environmental impact

Many people get caught up in buying products they don’t need and then getting rid of them almost immediately. Apparel, toys, electronic devices are some of the highest selling products which contribute to the waste produced.


Not only are these products non-recyclable, they are packaged in plastic and other harmful materials which can cause further harm when disposed. The Guardian reported increase in air pollution and plastic waste generation in the UK during Black Friday shopping sprees.


What to do?

Now is as a good time as any to practice the art of giving what you have to those in need. This doesn’t include giving your money to fast-fashion apparel brands rather than cutting down on spending. Be more conscious about the waste you produce and how to cut it down. Donate your clothes to the nearest thrift store. Second hand apparel and footwear is used by 70% of the world’s population.


Whitehouse and Schapiro is a leading textile trading company. We can collect second-hand clothing to sell in foreign markets at discounted prices. Contact us if you want to be practice the art of giving this holiday season!

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