As this procession continued, another one came down Spring Street from the other direction: the Department of Sanitation Pipe and Drum Band, bagpipes blaring, its members decked in dark-green kilts and berets. The fashion people, the bagpipers, and a number of other Department employees—almost all men, almost all dressed in khakis—converged in the entrance to the shed’s courtyard, which was lined with a number of vintage sanitation-worker uniforms. The oldest one was from the sixties, light tan, and had a space-age logo on it. The newer ones are green and consist of T-shirts and canvas work pants. This display, according to a museum-style plaque, had been curated by Preston. “My team built those,” one Sanitation employee, a carpenter, said, pointing to the wooden frames the clothes were pinned to. “Those are my boots,” another added, pointing to a pair on display, which he’d taken off just a few minutes before.