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Bad Shopping Habits You Need To Break Immediately


We’re all guilty of bad shopping habits that cause us to spend unnecessarily and fill our closets with clothes we don’t really need.  It’s alright to splurge every now and then but if it’s a habit that causes you to max out your credit cards and create bagfuls of waste – it needs to be broken right away!


Check out these 5 shopping habits that you should break immediately


1. You Choose Fashion Items Over Real Stuff (That You Actually Need)

Do you find yourself peering into high-end fashion stores longingly wondering whether you should sacrifice a month’s worth of food for a pair of gorgeous boots sitting in the display? Then you have a problem! Picking a pair of luxury boots over essentials like food, student loan payments and making rent, is a habit that you need to break NOW!


Those boots will go out of fashion in few months but your health, living situation and loans will affect you for a long time. Set your priorities straight and don’t indulge when you can’t afford it!


2. You Buy Out Of Impulse


Way too many people are guilty of impulse purchases. They see something they like and purchase it without giving it a second thought. If you’ve just spent thousands of dollars in a luxury bag, it doesn’t make sense to buy 3 other cheaper bags shortly after. The more bags you have, the less use you’ll get out of each of them. Don’t be surprised if your least favorite one is never touched!


Instead of making reckless purchases spend some time thinking about whether you actually need it.


3. You Buy Into Trends

Being fashionable is good but it’s important to realize that not all items that are currently in fashion will look good on us. You can choose to buy a cute romper because all your friends have one but you’ll soon see that rompers weren’t made for body types.


Keep an eye out for fashionable items but make sure you can pull them off before you go ahead and make a purchase. There’s no point of buying a trendy piece of clothing that isn’t flattering.


4. You Buy One-Season Wonders

Some fashion items aren’t even part of a trend; they are simply fads that vanish within a short period. Every season some fashion items will make waves but after the season is over, they would have lost their luster.


Don’t invest in one-season wonders if you don’t think you can be wearing it the next year.


5. You Splurge On Fast-Fashion

As delightful as fast-fashion is, it also has an ugly side that consumers need to be made aware of. Fast-fashion has caused the fashion industry to become the second-greatest polluter of the planet.


A single pair of jeans uses up to 2,700 liters of water in its manufacturing process. A simple cotton T-shirt requires at least 1,500 liters of water for production. How many jeans and T-shirts do you own? How many do you discard every year?


Each fast-fashion purchase wastes thousands of liters worth of water, increases the carbon footprint and adds to the tons of textile waste that is clogging landfills around the world.


Be a conscious consumer when it comes to shopping for clothes. Opt for eco-fashion brands or designer-wear instead. Shop less from fast-fashion brands and extend the lifecycle of your clothes by donating them.


Whitehouse & Shapiro are leaders in the second-hand clothing industry. We’re dedicated to keeping textile waste out of landfills. We collect donated used-clothes and used-shoes from around the US and sell it to importers in foreign markets. Annually, we prevent approximately 2.5 million tons of textile waste from being dumped in landfills!


Join us in our mission to protect the environment and deliver used-clothes and shoes to those who need them! Contact us or visit us in our office in Baltimore, Maryland for information.

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