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Benefits of Buying Credential Clothing for Exporters


Credential clothing is defined as donated clothes that are untouched, unsorted and ungraded. They remain in the bags that they were donated in. Although it is called ‘credential clothing’ it consists of used shoes as well.


At Whitehouse & Shapiro we gather credential clothing from all over America. We purchase from Goodwill and other organizations that are committed to helping the needy. The credential clothing we collect is then sold to trusted importers in foreign markets.


Credential clothing is less costly then graded clothing because it cuts the labor costs of having clothes graded. The clothes are usually of much better quality too. Graded clothes also contain thrift store excess; these are clothes that could not be sold in thrift stores and are often damaged. By purchasing credential clothing, you are reducing waste because the chance of coming across a damaged item is significantly less. Bear in mind, the quality of credential clothing is heavily dependent on where it was purchased from.


The benefits of credential clothing for exporters:

It’s cost-effective: The major benefit exporters receive from buying credential clothing is that they eliminate the need of graders. Experienced graders can sort through 40,000 lbs worth of clothes so they’re labor hours don’t come cheap. By taking the graders out of the picture, exporters can keep the extra money to themselves. If you do want to open your bales of credential clothing, use your own staff instead of hiring external graders to save cost.


Train your employees so they understand the difference between Grade, A, B and C items.


Vintage clothing: Oftentimes credential clothing can contain hidden gems. It’s quite common to find vintage items in bales of credential clothing. Vintage items sell at a much higher price than Grade B and C products.


Bulk pricing: Buying credential clothing in bulk can reduce your costs significantly. If you purchase credential clothing from thrift stores in affluent areas you can end up with all Grade A clothes. Since you purchased them in bulk, your costs will be low and since the clothes are of good quality, you can sell them from higher price.


Whitehouse & Shapiro has established itself as an industry leader in the market for second-hand clothing. We make buy and sell credential clothing from thrift stores and other traders. We offer credential clothing to exporters at wholesale prices.


Contact us for more information how we can do business together.

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