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Brands On Board with Fashion Recycling


Nearly 10.5 million tons of fabrics are discarded annually by the average American. This is usually collected and sent to landfills, where it takes several years for the clothes to decompose.


Realizing the environmental impacts fast fashion has had, quite a few brands have developed sustainable practices for their clothing lines. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent brands that advocate fashion recycling.



You can’t talk about sustainable fashion brands and not mention Patagonia! Considered to be one of the pioneers of ethical fashion, Patagonia has been active since 1973. In fact, the brand even used recycled plastic bottles in their outdoor collection back in 1993! Ever since, they’ve used recycled plastic to produce jackets, shorts, and fleeces for their line.


Through the Worn Wear Initiative, Patagonia also encourages a mending and repair practice for customers. If you rip your Patagonia jeans or jackets, you can head over to their store for a repair. This practice encourages consumers to be more environmentally conscious, and recycle old clothing instead of buying new apparel. If your clothes are beyond repair, donate them to Patagonia and they’ll reuse it in their apparel production.


Zero Waste Daniel

Founded by Daniel Silverstein, Zero Waste Daniel is said to be the first fashion line that employs zero waste. All of the clothing items in their line are made from 100% scrap, collected from cutting room floors.


Using patchwork designs to incorporate these scraps, the apparel has a very distinctive outlook. Through their scraps-only policy, Zero Waste Daniel has helped tons of textile waste from ending up in landfills. The one-of-a-kind pieces in their clothing line have paved way for sustainable fashion.


Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought is no stranger to sustainable fashion. The brand was launched in 2006, and has actively been involved in creating an eco-friendly fashion industry. Using organic and recycled materials, Threads 4 Thoughts provides a number of clothing options for both men and women. They have a collection of active wear, dresses, tees, sweatshirts, and bottoms. You can select soothing colors and bold styles from their vast range, available in all sizes.



Re/Done emphasizes on repurposing denim. This vintage brand uses old jeans and redesigns them into new cuts and styles. In doing so, Re/Done also attempts to preserve the original stitching.


The company believes that the faded colors and odd tears are tokens of memories that need to be held onto. Thus, wherever possible, Re/Done tries to repurpose the used jeans by maintaining some key elements of the original pair.




Based in Los Angeles, Re/Done uses eco-friendly methods. In addition to water conserving methods, the brand also refrains from using harsh chemicals in the production process. Head over to their store and you’ll find unique pieces, handpicked especially for repurposing!


Want to play your part in saving the environment? Donate your old clothes to Whitehouse & Schapiro, LLC, and we’ll recycle these in an eco-friendly way. We accept all types of secondhand clothing and mixed rags for repurposing, and sell these to relevant stores and organizations.


Get in touch with our team to learn more about our services!

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