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Can Donating Clothes Help Reduce Environmental Damage?


With the fashion industry growing at a rapid pace, millennials are now moving toward living a sustainable lifestyle. This is because there have been growing concerns about global warming and its impact on the environment.


But while more and more people are becoming increasingly aware about the importance of recycling plastic and paper, there is one question that plagues the minds of individuals: can donating clothes help reduce environmental damage?  


The answer is, yes, it can. Here are a few ways donating fabrics can help the environment:


It Helps People in Need

Millions of people around the world are living in poverty. Many do not have access to food, sanitation, and basic necessities. With winter here, many homeless people are suffering from lack of basic necessities, namely warm clothes.


Thrift stores and recycling institutions are an excellent source of second-hand clothes. Not only are these clothes affordable, donating to them can help those in need. Furthermore, it helps underprivileged families dress themselves with dignity, and that too, without compromising their financial wellbeing.


It Creates a Sustainable Market

Thanks to the awareness created by secondhand textile businesses, many people are now becoming aware of the importance of reducing fabric waste. Many fashion designers are now using recycled clothes to create a sustainable market trend.


With many designs relying on trends dating back a couple of years, millennials are now recycling designs and clothes.


It Helps Limit Unethical Business Practices

Many textile industries that rely heavily on the latest trends tend to dump fabrics in junkyards or into rivers and lakes. This impacts the environment significantly. Not only does it contribute to pollution, it also is responsible for destroying wildlife.


These companies are also responsible for depleting water sources to dye their fabrics. With recycled clothing becoming a trend, it helps limit these unethical practices and reduce fabric waste.


If you’re looking for a secondhand textile company that helps reach out to those in need, then look no further! We sell and purchase secondhand fabrics and help provide them to businesses around the world.


Whitehouse & Schapiro, LLC has been operating for over 100 years. As a global textile company, our aim is to create environmental awareness by selling and purchasing second-hand clothing. If you have a business that sells second-hand clothes, visit our website for further information, or take a look at our life cycle recycling policy.

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