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Why You Should Care About Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

We often don’t pay attention to the details of what we wear.


Sure, we do our best to get the best brands, the most gorgeous styles and affordable fashion. But if we pay attention to our purchases, we’ll find that we’re supporting something that is not only unethical, but also illegal.


Problems of the Fashion Industry

From portraying unhealthy body images and misappropriating cultures to mass-producing garments and materials without taking water consumption or environmental impact into account, the textile industry has been responsible for a lot of damage.


However, this doesn’t mean that something good hasn’t come from it.


With more becoming aware of the consequences of supporting such fashion, consumers are now turning to sources for sustainable fashion to support their style needs.


The Benefits of Sustainable Fashion

More than just a trend, sustainable fashion has now become a necessity for the environmentally-conscious among us, and for good reason.


According to textile recycling experts at Whitehouse and Shapiro, LLC, in comparison to the products created by the fashion industry, sustainably manufactured clothing leaves a considerably smaller environmental footprint.


Producers use organic fabrics such as bamboo and hemp to create the garments, and trim the amount of chemicals needed to preserve their look. As such, this use of renewable fabric and lesser chemicals not only cuts down on the toxicity of the product itself, it also cut back on your consumer habits, since this production method improves the garment’s lifespan.


Ethical Improvements

Another reason why so many people support sustainable fashion is because of its impact on labor laws.


Thanks to the Fair Trade Act, all clothes manufactured are done so under safe working conditions, which is a real accomplishment. Factories in developing countries that are outsourced on contracts often have very unsafe and unfair working conditions. However, with the Fair Trade Act, companies are now investing more into making sure that their employees are protected and cared for.


Improving and Enhancing Business Opportunities

Aside from the above factors, sustainable fashion has also helped many budding designers and entrepreneurs by presenting them with a reliable platform.


By catering to the needs of the public early on, up-and-coming fashion designers offering sustainable clothing are achieving more success and global recognition for their efforts.



Sustainable fashion is beneficial, not just for our environment and consumer behavior, but also our industry itself.


Consumer behavior towards fast fashion brands is changing. By taking advantage of this fact, we can not only turn the tide for the better, we can also support newer faces in the industry and help them grow to become the new titans of fashion!

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