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From dyes to transfer agents, there are over 2000 different chemicals used in the textile industry.


A common type of dye used in textile industry is the azo dyes. According Greenpeace, these dyes break down into a chemical which is found to be CARCINOGENIC


Nonylphenols (NPs) and octylphenols are used in cleaning and dyeing processes in textile industry.


These compounds are extremely toxic to aquatic life!are used in products such as socks, shoes and sports clothes.


These compounds are extremely toxic to aquatic life!


Organotin compounds are used in products such as socks, shoes and sports clothes.


This compound can persist in the environment. It has adverse impact on immune & reproductive system.


Perfluorinated Chemicals are used in textile & leather industries to make the products both water and stain-proof.


These chemical spread in the environment & can accumulate in body tissue.


Once in the body, they can affect the liver and reproductive hormones.


These chemicals are extremely toxic and commonly affect the liver, thyroid and central nervous system.


The Solution

Textile recycling can reduce the need for the manufacturing of new goods. This leads to


Less use of chemicals

Less use of raw materials

Reduced water & energy consumption

Willing to donate your old clothes?


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Sources: www.textiletoday.com., www.greenpeace.org


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