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How Are Clothing Trends Impacting The Climate?

The fast-moving consumer trends within the fashion industry have had a major impact on the global climate. According to a study by Quantis called Measuring Fashion, the entire supply chain of the current apparel and footwear industry accounts for almost 8% of the entire world’s greenhouse gas emissions! From extracting the raw material to manufacturing it into usable garments, the entire process contributes to environmental damage.



Here are some of the most harmful effects of the clothing trends on the environment:


Growing CO2 Emissions:

The process of spinning, dying, and manufacturing fabrics uses technology that is the biggest contributor to greenhouse emissions. With no signs of slowing down, these estimates are expected to become twice as bad by the year 2030. Analysts and environmentalists predict that in less than 20 years, the textile industry will produce 4.9 metric gigatons of CO2. That is the same amount of carbon dioxide as currently being produced by all sources in America combined!




Increasing Levels of Consumption:

As the trends keep changing rapidly within the fashion industry, the consumers struggle to keep up. The modern youth chooses to express themselves through what they wear and what they buy.


The fashion industry exploits this by changing the trends all the time for high profit margins for their corporations. Not only does this decrease disposable income for the American population, but also creates massive landfills of old garments that are no longer ‘trendy.’


Loss of Valuable Resources:

As the scenarios keep shifting within the fashion industry’s destructive trends, the demand for consumer goods keeps increasing. Big corporations end up using valuable natural resources to keep up with consumer needs. The consumption of renewable resources is much faster than the rate of replenishment leading to growing concerns within the world environmental communities.


Cutting down of forests, polluting waters, and emission of dangerous gases has increased the devastating effects on the climate. The natural reproduction has no way of keeping up with the mass greed of consumer trends and has brought the world to the brink of running out of these resources!

How is Whitehouse & Schapiro Helping?

Whitehouse & Schapiro has been dealing with recycled textile to help tackle the growing problem of waste management, reducing the pressure on natural resources, and decreasing the impact of the textile industry’s carbon footprints.


We’re industry leaders in buying and selling second-hand clothes. We collect your used clothes and re-sell them at our thrift stores in Maryland and Baltimore. We also supply recycled clothes abroad.


Contact us for more information on our services.

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