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Credential Clothing – Everything You Need To Know


People who donate clothes regularly have likely come across the term ‘credential clothing’. You see, not all clothing donations are the same. Credential clothing or ‘original clothing’ refers to donations of clothes, shoes and jewelry that has been given away without being handed down.


Where is credential clothing found?

Credential clothing can be dropped off in clothing bins as well as their donation centers of companies that collect credential clothing. These bins are usually found in affluent areas of the city where people are less likely to wear handed-down clothes; the donated clothes are from big brands and are high in quality.


Deliverers bring clothes from the bins to the main offices. They ensure that all the clothes are dry and that there is no trash in the bags. The clothes are packed into new bags along with the bags there were originally donated it – completely untouched and unsorted.


Charitable institutions and thrift-stores receive tons of clothes annually and many of them do not get opened and sorted – these are often given away as credential clothing.


Is there any grading involved?

No, the appeal of credential clothing is that it has not been graded. Graders are trained to quickly sort through hundreds of donated clothing and accessories which can impact the quality of the donations. Credential clothing isn’t touched at all which is why it can be sold for a greater price.


Graders also pick out the highest-quality clothes, shoes and jewelry and sell them separately.


Whitehouse & Shapiro is an industry leader in the trading market for second-hand clothes. Over the course of many years, we’ve developed close ties with suppliers and buyers of second-hand clothes that allow us to meet our goals of getting good quality clothes in the hands of people that require them most, and reduce the ecological footprint.


Since we first began, we’ve prevented clothes worth hundreds of tons from clogging landfills. With fast-fashion on the rise, our work has doubled. People are purchasing more clothes and donating/discarded them at a faster rate. Clothes that are discarded end up in landfills where they can take decades to decompose.


Donating old clothes is definitely the more socially conscious decision.


Have clothes you no longer want? Drop them off at our donation center in Baltimore, Maryland!


If you’re a charitable organization or a thrift store with an excess of credential clothing, contact us! We’ll be happy to take it from you and sell it to our trusted suppliers in developing nations.

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