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Credential Clothing: All You Need to be Aware of


If you’ve been an active part of donating to charities, you’re already well-aware of what ‘credential clothing’ means.


But if you’ve never encountered the term before, you’ll come across it several times when visiting charity organizations.


What exactly is ‘credential clothing’ and how does it impact businesses? That’s a good question. The answer is even better!


Credential clothing refers to the process of collecting secondhand clothes from individuals via recycling bins. If you’ve been to a hotel where they had a large bin labeled “recycling materials here please”, then you’ve come across it before.


How Does Credential Clothing Help Make a Difference?

Clothes that are directly donated to businesses through individuals are known as credential clothing. While many businesses shy away from asking consumers for donations, those who do benefit immensely from the practice.


When organizations receive donations from individuals, they often have trouble dividing them. Credential clothing uses different methods, and often the clothes are divided into different categories, depending on the type of fabric, color, size, and quality.


But credential clothing does not refer to clothes that have been handed down several times, or clothes that cannot be reused. It mainly refers to the original, unsorted, ungraded secondhand apparel.


Once they have been collected via recycling bins, they are then sold to various distributors.


Types of Credential Clothing

Credential clothing isn’t limited to only clothes, like its name suggests. Individuals have the option to donate accessories, shoes, bags, blankets, and even artificial jewelry.


Of course, this depends on the organization and if there are specific types of items that are required, the organization will label the recycling bin.


How it Works

There is often a misconception that credential clothing refers to secondhand clothing that is worn several times, and passed on throughout the years before being donated. This is simply not true.


Credential clothing involves clothing in its original condition, unsorted, and ungraded— one of the reasons why it’s unlike any other type of charity clothing, and has a high market value.


Clothes that are collected should be of the same quality as they were originally bought in. Grading companies pick out the clothes that have a high value, in terms of quality, and sell them at a higher price.


Once the clothes have been divided according to their fabric, color, size, and quality, they are placed in plastic bags. Once they have been wrapped up, they are approved for selling.


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