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Credential Clothing Wholesalers in Baltimore, Maryland

Charitable institutions and thrift stores around the country receive an abundance of donated used clothes and shoes every day. Once donated, the items are categorized based on type and quality. Donated used clothes and shoes of high quality are displayed on racks for resale. Clothing that is either too worn out or damaged is sent to warehouses where it is baled and sold to wholesalers as mixed rags.

Sometimes the sheer volume of the donations charitable organizations and thrift stores is so overwhelming that they are unable to process the items themselves. Like the worn out and damaged clothing, these unprocessed items are also transferred to the warehouse where they are baled and sold to exporters and wholesalers as “credential clothing”.

The difference between poor quality donated items and credential clothing is that the latter is never taken out of the bags that they were donated in. They are sold in the condition in which they were received. When bales of credential clothing are finally opened, they can contain all kinds of items of different quality.

Because credential clothing is untouched it usually has better quality items compared to mixed rags that are priced higher too.

Whitehouse & Shapiro collects credential clothing from thrift stores and charitable institutes around the country and sells them to trusted importers in foreign markets. Credential clothing can also be dropped off to our offices and warehouses in Baltimore, Maryland.

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