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Debunking Myths about Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

Even though it’s quite clear that buying from eco-friendly stores is the best way to go for Sustainable Fashionfactory workers, there are consumers who would still go for larger fashion brands like H&M. There could be a number of different reasons behind this.


For starters, these consumers believe in certain misconceptions.


Since sustainable fashion is a relatively  new concept, not many people understand how buying from larger brands could impact the environment in the longer run.


Here are some of the myths you need to debunk right here, right now:


It’s Part Of The ‘Hippy’ Movement

There is nothing wrong with a flowery skirt, but sustainable fashion isn’t all about putting it on and for men, adorning a man-bun! There are plenty of eco-friendly small businesses that go beyond that. For example companies like Kitty Ferreira offer sustainable city chic fashion designs, and Reformation is all about jumpsuits that fit like a glove! Similarly, there are practically hundreds of other options to choose from.


It’s Quite Expensive

Definitely. Dresses you buy off prominent brands like H&M and Forever 21 are bound to be cheaper than sustainable clothing.


However, dresses that are low priced are often an indication that they cost a lot in other domains, in this, the environment. Take the example of worker’s wages that are below the standard rate for leading brands. A broader point of view highlights these companies are profit oriented, which means they aren’t up for investing in eco-friendly practices either.


Sustainable Fabrics Aren’t As Good

Even though hemp and linen are at the forefront of sustainable fabrics because the crops are easy to grow and don’t require much chemicals, those aren’t the only two options. Many eco-friendly companies are working on upcycling cotton and turning it into hyperallergic and stretchable fabrics. Similarly, other companies are working on creating textile fabrics from wood pulp, which is recognized for its quality and reliability around the world.


It Isn’t Going To Make A Huge Change

It is really convenient to say that. However, the same argument could be made and turned down in other cases where recycling proved to make dramatic changes. If this is the argument you have, what would you say if someone said ‘why should I stop littering? It doesn’t make a difference!’ or even ‘why should I stop buying clothing that exploits workers?’


As an advocate for textile recycling, at Whitehouse & Shapiro, LLC we are changing the status quo.


Our facility allows consumers to buy second hand clothes and play their part in minimizing the volume of waste sitting at landfills. Explore our various locations and be part of the movement!

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