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Old Clothing Items: Your Trash, Our Treasure!

At Whitehouse& Schapiro, LLC, we are involved in the business of secondhand textiles, and thrive on the donations of used clothes! There’s likely to be many items in your closet that are of no use to you anymore, yet are in completely amenable condition. Even if they are worn down by years of usage, you can still offer those used clothes as donations to be recycled to create affordable apparel for those in need!

We buy and sell used clothes, working with both suppliers and consumers to create a sustainable exchange of used and recycled items that can come in handy for individuals who are in need of cheap apparel, footwear, and other items.

We host “Clean Out Your ClosetTM” drives to promote the donation of secondhand clothes for non-profit charities, and also encourage you to engage themselves in environmental accountability by reducing textile waste in landfills.

We work with suppliers that include second hand clothing thrift stores, Salvation Armies, Good wills, and other charity organizations and places that buy and sell used clothes. Not only do we form long term partnerships that are mutually beneficial with local institutions, we also provide international buyers all over the world with the opportunity to buy secondhand clothes.

Whitehouse & Schapiro, LLC has been in the secondhand textile and clothing recycling business for over a hundred years now, and is still going strong! Our aim to is to maintain a strong sense of integrity and reliability in the work that we do, ensuring that we create sustainable long term partnerships with our suppliers and customers both. As a business, we do our part to enhance economies, create more jobs for people, and invest our efforts in balancing out textile waste for a healthier environment.


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