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How To Donate Used Clothing Responsibly


All those clothing bins around the block do make it easy to donate clothes but your donations don’t always end up in the right hands; in fact a large portion of them will sadly end up in landfills.


If you’re under the impression that the clothing bins are emptied on to a truck that takes clothing donations to homeless shelters and orphanages, you’re mistaken. The majority of clothes placed in donation bins are sold to either thrift-stores or second hand textile companies. The leftover clothes in thrift-stores are resold to other second-hand clothing traders who then trade the clothing in foreign markets or recycle them to produce rags.


To prevent unethical traders from taking advantage of clothing donations and to stop used clothes from clogging landfills, it’s important for people to donate wisely. Instead of blindly dumping clothes into donation boxes across the city, they should make informed decisions about where to donate.


Here is how you can donate used clothes responsibly:


1. What causes are you passionate about?

Think of where you would want your clothes to end up. Do you support any causes? Are there any charities that you would like to support? By deciding on what causes you would like to support you should be able to find relevant charities.


2. Do some research

The more trustworthy organizations are transparent about how they deal with used clothes donations.


Look through their website or give them a call to ask them where the clothes go after they are donated. Are they given to local charities or sold to traders? What happens to leftover clothes?


3. Check the goods

Donating clothes responsibly isn’t just about giving your clothes to the right organization; it’s also to do with the quality of the clothes you’re giving away. A low-cost shirt you’ve been wearing for many years is probably too worn out to be of any good to someone else. Responsible clothes donation also requires you to donate clothes and accessories that are in decent condition and can be re-used.


Whitehouse and Shapiro is an industry leader in the market for second-hand clothing. We’ve been trading used clothes for over 100 years. We’ve built strong relationships with suppliers within the US and buyers in foreign markets that ensure that your goods are sold at affordable prices to people who need it the most.


We carefully sort through all donations and separate the clothing before sending them off to foreign markets where they are most desired/needed.



Any leftover clothing is sent to textile recycling plants where they are converted to rags.


Do you live Baltimore, Maryland and have used clothes to give away? Drop them off at any of our donation centers! With us you can rest assured that you have donated responsibly and helped someone in need.


Feel free to contact us for more information.

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