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The Dos And Don’ts Of Clothing Bin Donations


It’s very simple to drop off used clothes in clothing bins and feel good about yourself. But before you walk away feeling proud of the donation you just made, keep theses dos and don’ts of clothing bins in your mind:


Clothing bins are not trash bins

Yes, there are plenty of people in need of clothes but that doesn’t mean any fabric lying around the house counts. Clothes with stains, tears and major rips are no good.


Keep in mind that most clothes from bins are sold to other parties and oftentimes, the clothes undergo grading. Clothes of poor quality are either recycled or dumped in landfills. Do not give away any items of clothing you won’t mind offering to your younger siblings. In case you do have clothes around the house with a tear and two, cut them up and use them as cleaning rags instead of throwing them away in clothing bins where they are of no use to anyone.


If it’s possible to clean them, do it

No one wants to wear something that you’ve just taken off. Make sure that your clothes are properly washed before you put them in the bin. The same applies to shoes.


Underprivileged people from developing countries desperately need shoes but cannot afford them. If you do have shoes to give away, send some time cleaning them and freshening them up before you drop them off in the bin. Last-minute caring for clothing items can improve its grading.


Do research the organization you’re donating to

Not all clothing bins can be trusted. There are many companies out there that are profiting from your donations and have no concern for where they end up; so before you put your clothes into the bin, run a quick search on the Internet to find out what they do with used-clothes donations. Do they give them to local charities or sell them to foreign markets? Do they work with trusted third-parties?


At Whitehouse and Shapiro, our goal is to maximize the usability of donated items so we prefer used clothes of donated of decent qualities. We’re proud to be part of an industry that boasts 93% of recyclability. Help us maintain that rate by donating clothes, shoes and jewelry of good quality.


You can drop off used clothes at any of our donations centers in Baltimore and Miami. Contact us for more information on our locations and the items we take.

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