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Your Fashion Choices Can Protect the Planet


The fashion industry has become the second greatest polluter of our planet simply because of the amount of clothes we’re purchasing nowadays. Thanks to the low cost of fast-fashion, people are buying more clothes than ever before.


The fashion industry causes severe damage to the environment during the manufacturing process and when it comes to disposing of clothing items after usage. The manufacturing process uses large amounts of water. Waste water is poured into natural waterways, leaving rivers and streams contaminated with toxins. The fashion industry has also failed to come up with an adequate solution to disposing of clothes. Millions of tons of textile waste is dumped in landfills across the globe every year.


The effects of fast-fashion can be combated by changing consumer habits. They can make a conscious effort to make fashion choices that protect the planet in the long-run.


Here are some ways consumers can make sustainable fashion choices:


1. Purchase clothes with ethical labels

There are emerging fashion brands committed to protecting the environment. They don’t use toxins in the manufacturing process, their clothes are manufactured ethically, and they’re biodegradable too.


2. Extend the lifecycle of your wardrobe

This is, by far, the simplest way of preventing textile waste. Instead of shopping for new jeans because the zipper is broken, how about you get the zipper fixed? The same applies for other clothes with loose buttons and stitching. Don’t throw away clothes that can be mended!


When you’re bored of clothes, pass them onto your siblings or friends. If no one is ready to take them, drop them off at a thrift store or cut them up and use them as cleaning cloths.


3. Shop for quality

Invest in clothes of high-quality that last longer. High-end clothes may be expensive but they usually have classic designs that don’t become outdated. They also have great quality and last longer than typical fast-fashion outfits.


Look out for quality instead of quantity—you’ll notice you spend much less on clothes and don’t purchase unnecessarily since clothes of quality cost more too.


By embracing sustainable fashion, you’re taking steps to protect the planet from the hazardous toxins and from tons of textile waste clogging landfills.


At Whitehouse & Shapiro we’ve been doing our part in preventing clothes from clogging landfills. We’re proud to be industry leaders in the second-hand clothes trading business. With our recycling efforts, we’re able to keep 2.5million tons of textile waste out of landfills every year!


We purchase credential clothing from thrift stores and charities from all over the country. The clothes are then sorted, graded and shipped off to foreign markets.


Contact us today to find out how you can donate used clothes responsibly and save the Earth!

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