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Five Ways Modern Fashion Habits Are Destroying The Environment

  1. Use Of Hazardous Chemicals

When plants are grown to create fibers for clothes, the plants are heavily sprayed with harsh pesticides. According to The World Health Organization, “3 million people suffer from pesticides.

“3 million people suffer from pesticide poisoning annually”

More than 3o different types of harsh chemicals are used in the process of tanning leather


2.Synthetic Fibers Are Harsh On The Environment



3.Water Wastage

At least one in ten people worldwide don’t have access to clean drinking water.

More Than Two Thousand Gallons of Water Go into Making Just One Pair of Jeans.

1,600 gallons of water are used to grow the amount of cotton necessary.


4.Factories Pollute the Air

On a global scale, they’re contributing to climate change by Infusing Carbon Dioxide Into The Air

According to a research, textile industry is the 5th largest contributor to Carbon Dioxide emissions.


5.The Amount Of Waste

The textile industry is known for its immense pollution and waste issues.

Moreover, 12.8 million tons of clothes are thrown away each other each year.

Making a new product requires a lot of materials and energy. Therefore, the only solution is to…

Recycle Sr Donate Your Clothes.


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