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Global Warning: Can Recycling Clothes Help with Global Warming?


We all have a role to play in our lives. Whether it’s to spend every day working on a new invention that will take the world by storm or to educate those around us about the importance, and the value of a safe, healthy environment.


Mother Nature’s beauty is endless, no doubt. But so are the roles she plays in our lives. Need something for your cough? Mother Nature’s natural pharmacy to your rescue! Need some peace, away from the hustle and bustle of cities? Take a nap in the forest and find yourself surrounded by serenity.


But it also makes one wonder. If Mother Nature has been by our side, providing us with so many gifts, what have we done for her?


Often we hear about the global warming problem getting worse. Now imagine if trees gave us free Wi-Fi. We would be planting them everywhere!


Too bad they only give us the oxygen we breathe.


Can Recycling Clothes Help?

Millions of people around the world do not have proper shelter, clothes, and access to clean water and food. But the problem isn’t just lack of basic necessities, it’s lack of education.


Most people believe that just by planting more trees, we can decrease the threat of global warming and save the planet. There’s more to the problem than planting more forests.


The problem lies within us. Often we’re so focused on improving our living standards that we forget about the responsibilities we all have. The fashion industry has been producing seasonal clothing and focuses on the latest trends.


Thanks to affordability, the fashion industry has been successful in convincing the millennial consumers to wear seasonal clothing, discarding everything after a certain fashion trend loses its spark.


On an average, 13 million tons of clothing is wasted in the U.S. alone. Fabric waste is one the leading causes of global warming.


Now think about the millions who can’t afford to buy clothes. With winters here, it becomes difficult to keep warm. But recycling clothes can help reduce the impact of global warming on the environment.


Here are a few ways it can help make a difference:


Limiting Unethical Business Practices:

Fashion industries that focus their products on the latest trends dump fabric waste into rivers and lakes. This impacts wildlife significantly, destroying it in the process.


Using recycled textile goods can help promote awareness and keep up with the demand for the latest trends. Furthermore, it limits unethical practices because it focuses on using recycling products.


Helps People in Need

With 7 billion people in the world, the need for clothes and access to basic commodities is becoming crucial. Winters are one the toughest times for homeless people who do not have proper warm clothing.


Donating jackets, socks, t-shirts, and other types of clothing to thrift stores and charities can help make a significant difference. Furthermore, it helps underprivileged families dress themselves with dignity, without compromising their financial wellbeing.


At Whitehouse & Schapiro, LLC, our goal is to create environmental awareness by selling and purchasing second-hand fabrics. If you have a business that purchases second-hand items, visit our website for further information, or take a look at our life cycle recycling policy.

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