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A Guide to Decluttering Your Kid’s Closet


We often go through our own closets and sort out the clothes we want to keep and the ones we want to donate. But decluttering your kids’ closet is a little harder because they can’t always look at their belongings objectively.


They may not want to wear the shirt they were so excited about buying two years ago, but they still want it in their closet. Kids and teens (and some adults) develop an attachment to things they no longer need, but at some point, parents have to put their foot down and declutter their kids’ closets themselves.


Check out this quick guide to decluttering your kid’s closet:


1. Get Baskets and Boxes

Depending on how long it’s been before you last cleaned your kids’ closets, you may need a few empty baskets and cartons to help you with the process.


If you don’t have them, buy them from a dollar store near you.


2. Take Everything Out

The easiest way to go through a closet full of stuff is to take everything out. So pull out everything and put it on the bed or the floor.


Once everything is out, dust and disinfect the shelves so the clothes are free of bacteria and dirt when you put them back inside.


3. Start Sorting

Pick up each item of clothing and ask yourself whether or not your kids wear it. If you haven’t seen them wear it in a while, donate them. You can either give them to a loved one with kids or you can donate them to a charity.


Make clear piles for everything. You should have a basket for clothes you want to keep, clothes you want to give to loved ones, clothes you want to donate to charity, and clothes that are too worn down to be worn again.


4. Donate Used-Clothes & Shoes

Worn out clothing items can be used as rags and dust cloths.


If you’re the creative type, you could have a go at upcycling your kids’ old clothes. Get some inspiration from the internet and see what you can do!


Remember to donate your clothes to charities or second-hand clothing traders you trust. Whitehouse & Schapiro makes it a point to ship donated used clothes and used shoes to countries that need them. By doing this, we ensure that your clothes and shoes donations don’t end up in landfills around the world.


Drop by our facilities in Baltimore to donate directly. Thrift stores and charities can get in touch with us regarding thrift store excess and credential clothing.


Note: Whitehouse & Schapiro collects excess inventory from thrift locations and credential clothing via Clean Out Your Closets for a Cause™ (COYC™). COYC™ is a successful credential collection program that enables non-profit organizations to engage churches, businesses, schools, municipalities, donors, and volunteers in their fundraising efforts.


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