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What Happens to Donated Footwear?


Shoes have been an important part of our lives since almost the beginning of our time on earth. Most of us cannot even imagine going outside without a pair of sneakers on. With the latest trends changing constantly, our outlook on footwear has changed too.


Stilettos, high heels, boots, and sandals are some of the examples of the types of shoes we have today. But shoes are more than just fashion accessories that complete our outfit. They also help protect our feet from sharp objects and the harsh weather.


Many people throw away their old shoes once they start wearing out. But with so many people around the world without access to shoes, it makes one wonder if we take our footwear for granted.


The truth is, shoes, just like clothes, can be donated. Many thrift stores and institutions purchase worn out footwear and mend them before selling them.


What Happens to Donated Shoes?   

When shoes are donated to charities, they are often distributed amongst unprivileged families. These are families that cannot afford more than two pairs of shoes, or they make sure one their shoes for years.


During summers, walking barefoot is difficult thanks to the scorching heat, and during the winters, it becomes difficult thanks to the harsh weather.


Donated footwear isn’t always given away for free. This is because in some countries where donated shoes are sold for much higher prices, taking in donations for free have been banned. This is particularly true in some African countries.


However, there are businesses that utilize donated shoes and after some much-needing mending, these shoes are sold to unprivileged families for a very low price, without compromising on their financial stability.


This also helps limit unethical business practices, creating awareness about the importance of empowering those who are unprivileged. The money raised from selling donated and recycled shoes is then invested into other projects that helps charities and institutions who are striving toward creating better opportunities for those in need.


Along with shoes, clothes are also donated and recycled. Second-hand textile industries work toward connecting with businesses that specialize in purchasing and selling donated shoes and clothes.


Whitehouse & Schapiro, LLC has been operating for over 100 years. As a global textile company, our aim is to create environmental awareness by selling and purchasing second-hand clothing. If you have a business that sells second-hand clothes, visit our website for further information, or take a look at our life cycle recycling policy.

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