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What happens to Donated Used Shoes?


Every year Americans discard around 80 tons of clothing. We donate clothing without giving it much of a thought, however, when it comes to shoes – we’re hesitant. After all, who’d want our smelly, worn out shoes?


The harsh truth is that there are millions of people out there who will be overjoyed at the thought of receiving your shoes. Unfortunately, there are numerous impoverished populations of people in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe and even in the USA who are desperately in need of protective footwear. People that are forced to go barefoot are vulnerable to disease, infections and other trauma. According to a report by WHO 1.5 billion people globally are infected by helminths – a disease caused by contaminated soil.


In some cases children aren’t allowed to attend to school without shoes. We may take them for granted but in other parts of the world, shoes are much more than a branded item – they are a matter of dignity.


Donated shoes are highly appreciated in these areas; it allows poor families to purchase decent shoes at affordable prices. Next time you’re thinking of throwing away old shoes, donate them instead.


Here’s how you to donate used-shoes the right way:


Fix any tears and broken parts

A shoe that is falling apart isn’t going to do anyone any good. If your shoe can be repaired then go ahead and fix it before you drop it off in the donation bin.


You don’t even have to take it to a professional if you don’t want to. Browse the web for DIY shoe repairs and put an honest effort into fixing them.


Clean them

Don’t donate your clothes before thoroughly cleaning them. The intention is to help those who are in need of clothes so make sure your shoes are as clean as possible before giving them away.


Take out their soles and scrub them down with an old toothbrush and detergent. Wash the laces too and then leave them both to dry in the sun. Depending on the kind of shoes they are, it can take them a few hours (sometimes more) to dry.


Donate them responsibly

Be a little mindful of where you’re donating shoes; you want to make sure that your shoes actually make it to those who need them the most.


There are charities that specifically collect donated used-shoes and will be happy to provide you with details regarding exactly what happens to them. It always helps to ask how the donated shoes will be sorted and where they will be taken to.


Whitehouse & Shapiro accepts donations of all kinds of used-shoes. We ensure your donated used-shoes are given to the right charities and non-profit organizations around the world.


Drop your used-shoes off at our indoor locations in Baltimore, Maryland and we’ll ship them to our partners in foreign markets.


In addition to personal donations, we also collect credential clothing and thrift store excess from across the country.


Get in touch with us for more information and join our cause to make a planet a better place!

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