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Welcome to the Thunderdome

How to Build a Sustainable Wardrobe – Keep Your Socks Together

The battle to keep socks paired has been raging for eons. Every day you wear two socks on your feet. When you get home, two socks go into the hamper. But, at laundry time, it’s Thunderdome; two socks enter, one sock leaves. Socks go missing with every load of laundry.


The comedian George Carlin said, after you die and go to Heaven, you get all the stuff back that you lost during your lifetime. In fact, there is an entire room dedicated to your lost socks. I believed George for years and had faith that eventually all socks are reunited. I believed George until I saw this true life horror show, click here .


Of course, not all washers and dryers are evil, hungry, sock eating monsters. Some socks get caught up in other clothing or fall out of your basket en route and decide to walk the Earth. No matter the reason, the answer to the lost sock epidemic is a mesh washing bag; less than $8 at most stores. Such an easy fix, you sort your laundry already, unless you’re a barbarian. Sort your socks into a mesh bag, then wash and dry per usual. Your laundry experience will be forever changed by staying organized.


sock bag with caption


As for all the single socks you still have, let them go. Send them off for a new life as a dust rags (perfect for detailing your car or window cleaning), sock puppets, or recycle them with a charity or private recycling company. Recycled socks and other textiles can be ground into fiber to create new products from carpet padding to pet bed stuffing to sound proofing materials for cars. See how textiles are recycled into fiber here.


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