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Important Reasons Everyone Needs to Recycle


Despite environmentalists urging us to recycle for decades now, we still haven’t taken it seriously enough. While wealthy nations have taken some steps to reduce the use of plastics and other non-biodegradable products, there’s still a long way to go.


These countries may have implemented environmentally friendly procedures within their borders but they have been called out for exploiting weaker, developing nations.


Due to cheap labor and the lack of rules and regulations, many large businesses build their factories in the developing world. Because these countries usually do not have laws for wastewater treatment and toxic gas emissions, they often get exploited.


Scientists continue to warn us about how carbon emissions and other toxic waste released into the atmosphere are speeding up global warming. As a result of this, Earth will experience extreme weather conditions that can (and already have) cause mass destruction.


It may be up to the governments around the world to come up with policies that can protect the environment in the long-term but we can also do our part to help the cause. Recycling is one of them.


If everyone in the world decided to take recycling seriously, we could slow down global warming significantly.


Here’s why everyone needs to recycle:


1. It saves energy

We require energy to produce goods. When we choose to recycle, we can save large amounts of energy. Consider the development of plastic bottles; it takes 64% less energy to recycle plastic bottles than it does to produce them.


While a number of developed nations around the world do separate plastic products and non-plastic ones, developing nations rarely do. If wealthier countries helped poorer countries implement efficient recycling procedures, we could potentially save a lot of energy.


2. It can slow down global warming

We’ve been feeling the brunt of global warming year after year. Producing specific materials from scratch releases carbon dioxide into the air. Aluminum cans are one of the greatest examples of this. Developing new aluminum cans releases 92% more carbon dioxide into the air than recycling them!


The same applies to paper; every ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees. Imagine how many trees can be saved if we started using recycled paper in school!


3. Protects the air

Factories around the world are releasing harmful gases into the air every day that negatively impact the health of all living things around them. When we recycle, we reduce the demand for new products and in turn  prevent the air from becoming polluted.


4. Enhances the quality of groundwater

Landfills are essentially large holes full of tons of untreated garbage. Much of this garbage isn’t biodegradable so it only makes sense that some toxic chemicals and other contaminants make their way underground and into the water.


This contaminated water eventually makes its way into streams and rivers which is why you’re advised not to drink directly from them regardless of how fresh they look.


If everyone began recycling, we should be able to reduce the amount of garbage lying in landfills and save groundwater from becoming infected.


Recycling all your garbage is difficult but sometimes, making little changes in your methods of disposal can have great affects on the environment.


One way you can help protect the planet is by recycling your clothes. Instead of dumping your clothes into landfills, extend their lifecycle by donating them.


Whitehouse & Shapiro is a leader in the second-hand clothing industry. We collect donated used-clothes and used-shoes from around the country and ship them off to countries that can best benefit from them. Every year we prevent 2.5 million tons of textile waste from clogging landfills.


Join our cause to save the environment and drop off your used-clothes at our offices in Baltimore, Maryland.


Get in touch for more information.


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