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Why Do We Keeping Buying Clothes We Won’t Wear?


We’ve all got clothes in our closets we don’t wear. Alright, let’s be brutally honest and admit that we haven’t even touched many of the clothes in our closets  – some we haven’t touched at all!


We’ll pull them out every now and then, give them a long stare for a few seconds before deciding something isn’t right with them and throw them back in the closet.


Why did we buy them in the first place? And why do have so many that we don’t wear?


Let’s take a closer look at the reasons:


1. You bought them for the wrong reasons


You saw images of it in a fashion magazine or one of the hottest celebrities showing it off on their Instagram. Even the mannequin in the window looked so good wearing it!


We’re all different; we all have unique body shapes and sizes. What looks good on Blake Lively won’t necessary look good on you.


2. You get pulled in by bargains

Everyone’s a sucker for a good bargain but bargains can cause us to spend more than we actually need to. Consumers get tricked by slashed prices and end up spending excessively all the time.


Be conscious about your purchases. Do you truly do need more athleisure outfits when you haven’t been to the gym in months?


3. You buy one-season wonders


Every now and then new fashion fad will be make waves and for the month or two it will look like everyone one you know is wearing them. You don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t own one, so you go ahead and make a purchase.


What happens after the fad loses its luster? The clothing item will just sit in your closet before eventually being discarded.


4. You don’t think before you buy

When spending large amounts of money, the average person will take some time to think about the viability of the purchase. We want to make sure we’re buying from the right brand, whether the item is worth the money and if it will last.


We don’t do the same for clothes. Fast-fashion has spoilt us with its low-prices. Because clothing is available at such low costs, we don’t think about how much we’re spending on them.


Do you really need to buy clothes each time you go shopping? Probably not!


Next time you go shopping, go with the intention of buying specific items and don’t buy anything else. You’ll come to realize how much you were spending.


Shopping less isn’t just good for you, it’s also better for the environment. The USA generates around 15 million tons of textile waste every year! If everyone was more conscious about shopping, the amount of textile waste can be reduced sufficiently.


Whitehouse & Shapiro are second-hand clothing traders. Since our inception, we’ve kept millions of tons worth of textile waste from clogging landfills globally. We collect thrift store excess and credential clothing from the US and sell it our partners in foreign markets where the items are sold to the local population at affordable prices.


On average, we prevent 2.5million tons of textile waste from ending up in landfills every year.


Want to donate used-clothes and used-shoes? Contact us to find out how you can donate responsibly and protect the environment. You can even visit us in our offices in Baltimore, Maryland.

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