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Laundry Tips For Donating Clothing


Whenever disaster strikes the country, Americans open up their hearts and help out in whatever way they can.


When it comes to clothes donations, we don’t hold back at all. Every year, we put more and more bags worth of clothing into donations bins across the country. Unfortunately, these bags, full of old clothing, become a bit of a burden.


Charitable organizations that aren’t connected to a sufficient network of traders in the second-hand clothing market are often left with tons of used-clothing that will likely be thrown into landfills.


How can you help?

Firstly, before donating find out exactly what it is that the organization does with donated clothing. Are the clothes simply handed over to the needy or are they sold? Where are the clothes going? Are there specific types of clothing that are preferred over other?


By asking these questions, you can donate accordingly. Donating heavy winter clothing for a crisis in Africa is a complete waste; no one needs a bomber jacket in that heat no matter how good it looks!


Secondly, make sure the clothes you’re donating are of decent quality. Don’t donate clothes that are torn, stained or too worn out. In fact, you should wash your clothes and shoes before you donate them.


Follow these laundry tips for donating clothing and shoes:


Whitehouse and Shapiro are industry leaders in the market for second-hand clothing. During our more than 100 years of business, we’ve built strong relationships with trustworthy suppliers in foreign markets.


Our goal is to reduce the ecological impact of used-clothes and are proud to say that 93% of the donated goods are given to the needy or are recycled. With our life-cycle recycling of clothes, we prevent 2.5million lbs of post-consumer text from clogging landfills every year!


If you are in Baltimore, Maryland or Miami, drop off your used clothes at our donation centers. Contact us for more information.

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