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How to Make Environmentally-Friendly Fashion Choices



Buying clothes is a necessary evil, but it’s especially difficult for earth-friendly consumers who understand the environmental disaster that certain fashion choices and textile waste are leading to.


The fashion industry is filled with landmines, so it’s critical to take steps that minimize the damage; whether it’s due to blatant labor exploitation, the use of animal furs, and toxic chemicals being released into the atmosphere from waste.


There are simple ways to make your wardrobe eco-friendly without compromising on fashion or having fun while shopping. Here are four things you might want to consider.


Raid Your Friends’ Closets

You don’t need to go out and buy a new dress for every new office party or a friend’s birthday. Borrow one from your sister or a cousin or your best friend. There are tons of ways to wear new and fancy clothes without buying them. If it doesn’t work out, rely on rentals.


Step into a Thrift Store

Thrift shopping is not only light on the pocket, but it also significantly reduces the negative environmental impact that is caused by the manufacturing and packaging of new clothes and the disposal of unwanted items.


You’re not only preventing the wastage of tons of clothing material, but are also decreasing the demand for new products and, therefore, the energy and other resources being spent on the production of brand new clothes.


Shop Smart Instead of Cheap

When you absolutely have to shop for new clothing, eco-conscious brands should be your top priority. It may get a bit expensive, but it’s a price that’s worth paying to save the environment. Look for clothing that’s made with organic dyes and sustainable fabric instead of choosing items that will lose their quality after a few wears and become a part of textile waste.


Shopping smart also allows you to find high-quality items, which means your clothes will live for longer with proper care and laundry considerations.




Recycle Your Garments

If you toss all your old t-shirts and dresses into the trash, you’re enabling pollution and increasing your carbon footprint. Did you know that Americans are responsible for generating more than 15 million tons of textile waste, but less than ten percent of it makes to recycling or energy recovery? This poses a huge threat to the environment, as synthetic clothing that’s sitting in landfills can take decades, if not centuries, to decompose.


Textile recycling mitigates the energy-intensive production of new clothes; however, there are still challenges that need to be overcome when it comes to finding viable commercial solutions for every type of fiber. This is why you should recycle clothes and use them as daily-use items such as rags, tea coasters, or a mini-mop.


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