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How to Make Recycling Fun for Everyone at Home


If recycling isn’t a part of your life at the moment, future government regulations are going to make sure it is! Even massive companies now realize the importance of doing their part in protecting the environment; many of them are actively taking measures to reduce their carbon emissions and waste products.


Parents can introduce the concept of recycling to their kids by showing them the ropes with a number of collaborative activities.


Here’s how you can make recycling fun for everyone at home:


1. Create Separate Trash Cans

If your house has the space for separate trash cans, set them up to collect general garbage, compost, cans/glass containers, plastic, and cardboard. By doing so, your kids get into the hang of separating their garbage before they throw it, making it easier for recycling companies to do their jobs.


You can set up these separate bins in the yard or garage and take them out when you need to.


2. Conduct a Weekly Audit

Don’t have the space for multiple large trash cans? Do a weekly garbage audit instead!


Just like companies check their books to ensure everything is in order, you can make it a habit to get your kids to go through the garbage every week—just make sure you separate all organic waste before you start.


Give each kid a pair of gloves, set up temporary cheap baskets for plastic, paper, glass, and metal waste, and then tell them to start separating!


Once everything is separated, you can dump them into the bins outside


3. Clean Out The Closets

Each year, the average person in the US throws out 80 pounds worth of clothes—this is a staggering number that causes a huge threat to the environment.


Only about 15-20% of our clothes are actually donated or recycled; most of them are dumped into landfills.


Landfills aren’t just dangerous for the environment, but also for the world’s population. At the rate we’re going, landfills will start breaching city limits and cause all kinds of diseases.


To help curb the textile waste problem, educate your kids about the negative effects of excessive shopping and encourage them to donated used-clothes and used-shoes to trusted charities or second-hand clothing traders.


Whitehouse & Schapiro are leaders in the second-hand clothing industry. We collect used clothes and used shoes donations from around Baltimore and ship them to trusted importers in markets around the globe. We extend the lifecycle of clothes and stop 2.5 million tons of textile waste from being thrown into landfills annually.


Note: Whitehouse & Schapiro collects excess inventory from thrift locations and credential clothing via Clean Out Your Closets for a Cause™ (COYC™). COYC™ is a successful credential collection program that enables non-profit organizations to engage churches, businesses, schools, municipalities, donors, and volunteers in their fundraising efforts.


Join us in our cause! Contact us

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