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Myths About used clothing You Need to Stop Believing

Did you know?

16 million tons of clothing waste is generated annually in the U.S out of which only 2 million is donated, others end up in trash!


  1. The Demand Is High In America

There may be a lot of homeless people in America but the amount of clothes that are thrown into trash is a number that’s much higher and exceeds the needs of these people.


The supply is greater than demand, therefore, the excess amount should be exported to foreign developing countries or the ones that are below the poverty line.


2. Everyone donates their used clothes in America

Most Americans believe enough clothing is being recycled every year and that it’s okay if they don’t donate themselves.


On the other hand, many others believe that no one would prefer to wear their used clothing which is not true.


Donating helps those of lower socioeconomic situations get access to quality clothing at cheaper rates.


3. The clothes are possessed by the devil

Some Americans believe that demons attach themselves to old clothes and may harm the wearer, while some disagree but still do not take the risk.


This is truly a myth and a false statement but if you are still skeptical, just get them blessed and they are good to go!


4. Charities Give Away The Used Clothing They Get For Free

While many charities do give away the used clothing you donate to people who need them without charge, many others sell the clothing at cheaper rates to generate funds for charity instead.




Whitehouse & Schapiro recycles used donated clothes and keeps America textile waste free by exporting them to foreign markets.


Whitehouse and Schapiro


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