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A Newbie’s Guide to Thrift Store Shopping


We are living in expensive times and for people who are living on a budget, thrift stores are a godsend. Not only are they easy on your pockets, they’re easier on the planet as well; recycling clothes is always a better option than using limited resources to manufacture more.


As a novice thriftier, entering a thrift store for the first time can be an overwhelming experiences; there’s just so much to sift through that you don’t even know where to start. This is why some beginner thrift shoppers end up not getting anything good, because they don’t know their way around thrift shopping.


This guide is for all the novice thrift shoppers so that they can make the most out of their next thrift shopping experience.


Have a Game Plan

Thrift shopping can quickly drain your energy when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Sifting through clothes and items can take you the whole day!


Have a concrete idea in mind of what you’ll need so that you can narrow down the list of stuff you’ll need to look for. Knowing what you want will save you a lot of time and unnecessary frustration.


Dress Comfortably

Thinking of wearing your cute new dress for your first thrift shopping expedition? Don’t. Clothing items like a romper or heels are probably not the best thing to wear to a thrift store. You need to be able to move around comfortably as you sort through the stuff. A simple T-shirt, coupled with comfortable jeans and joggers or flip flops is the best outfit you can plan.



Check Items Carefully

Check to see if there are in missing hems, buttons, stains, or any tears in the items you’re purchasing. You won’t be able to return or get your money back for a defected item from the thrift store. Also, try everything; some clothing items may be mislabeled, so just because the size tag is wrong, doesn’t mean it won’t fit you.


Set a Time Limit

Seeing all the vintage goodies put up a good distraction when you go thrift shopping. You can go in needing to buy one thing and you come out with a load of different stuff in your hands. It can be really tempting to walk around the thrift store, gaping at all the awesomeness it has to offer, but it can take you the whole day. Unless you have a lot of time to spare, limit how many hours you’re going to spend there.


Reuse and recycle is always the better option than retail; buy second-hand clothes, shoes, and other items online through Whitehouse & Shapiro, L.L.C. We are thrift store wholesalers based in Baltimore.


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