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Why Your Next Marketing Strategy Should Focus on Textile Recycling


Brands like Fashion revolution Singapore have been making headlines for their use of secondhand clothing and recycled materials to promote sustainable fashion trends.


With fashion designers now focusing on the importance of recycling, donating, and recreating trends, consumers are now becoming more aware of the importance of donating secondhand clothing to charities and institutions.


Brands are now jumping onto the bandwagon of recycling clothes. Even brands that have nothing to do with the fashion industry are shifting their focus toward sustainable fashion, hoping to create awareness about the way consumer choices impact the environment.


Fashion recycling is a great way to highlight the importance of donating and creating environmental awareness, as well as educating your consumers about your brand.


Here are a few reasons why your next marketing strategy should focus on textile recycling:


It Creates Brand Awareness

This is one of the best reasons to shift your focus and attention to textile recycling. Fabric wastage is an issue around the world. Britons were expected to have wasted 325 million clothing products this year in spring.


Imagine, in a world where basic amenities of life are hard to gain access to, there are several things we take for granted, clothes being one of them!


Surveys show that 55 percent of consumers actually like being asked to donate! Imagine that! Many businesses shy away from the idea of creating social and economic awareness, thinking that consumers will shift their attention to their competition.


But reports state otherwise. Consumers like being asked to donate and find organizations with charitable backgrounds to be more reliable.


It Helps Those in Need

What else is there to be said? This is the best reason to implement textile recycling in your next campaign. This shows that your brand values the idea of helping those in need.


Furthermore, it will help reduce textile waste and provide underprivileged families access to proper clothing throughout the year.


Educates Consumers

As businesses, it’s our moral duty to educate consumers about the importance of recycling. Furthermore, it helps protect the environment, with global warming becoming a cause for concern.


By highlighting the importance of textile recycling, businesses can help prevent fabric waste, educate consumers, and help them make wise decisions.


If you’re looking for a way to donate old clothes, we at Whitehouse & Schapiro focus on creating awareness by distributing secondhand clothes to charities and institutions. From rags, to shoes and bags, we provide domestic and international businesses with credential clothing, as well as secondhand items.


Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services.

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