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Recycling Your Old Shoes – Ideas and More!

Have a pair or two of worn out shoes that are just taking up rack space? Don’t throw them Old Shoesaway.


Instead, you can start off a number of DIY projects to make beautiful, creative outdoor decorations. From decorating patios, to yards and even your garden, worn out shoes can be used in different ways.


All you need is some glue, buttons, pinecones, glitter and a generous serving of creativity to get started.


Here are a few ideas:


Decorate Gardens And Outdoor Rooms

One of the best ways to recycle old footwear is to add color and decoration patterns to a worn-out shoe. The right patterns will transform them, making them look perfect when used as planters. You could also ditch the decorations and use them as rustic decorations for your backyard.


Snow Chained Running Shoes

If you have a pair of old sneakers you can modify them to make them awesome running shoes on ice. Just screw in a few of hex-head nuts to the bottom of the sneakers and you will feel a stronger grip when running on ice.


While the screws cost almost nothing you will save hundreds which you can use to buy better running clothes or even plenty of second hand clothes.


Baby Shoe Pincushions

Looking to give Grandma the perfect gif this time around? Don’t put those baby shoes away, instead add more sentimental and functional value to them by turning them into pincushions. Not only will this make a great present but an even amazing DIY project.


Redesign Them

At times, we just toss a pair of shoes out of sight because we are tired of wearing them, yes they might have worn out but we would still prefer switching to a fresh pair. Why not redesign them instead? Grab a couple of markers and put your creative hats on. Abstract art or maybe your favorite superhero?


Denim Sandals

This is perhaps one of the most useful projects since you aren’t just recycling a pair of sandals you are also doing it for a pair of worn out jeans. If you don’t want to go with the standard blue shades, try dying the denim before stitching it into place.


Even better, you could donate the shoes to us and let us develop credential clothing collections for non-profit partnerships! Find out how our textile recycling procedure works. Feel free to get in touch for more information.

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