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Donate Second Hand Clothing in Baltimore, Maryland

In the USA, the average person throws away approximately 70 pounds of used clothing annually. Out of the 70 pounds of the clothing that is discarded, only 15% is recycled; the rest of the clothing ends up in landfills where it can stay for as long as two centuries!

Much of the clothing today is made of the same polymers as plastic. Synthetic fibers that contain such polymers can take hundreds of years to fully decompose so they end up clogging landfills for hundreds of years.

Landfills all over the world are expanding at unbelievable rates; in poorer parts of the world that lack proper waste treatment, landfills have begun breaching into cities.

If we continue to throw out clothes at this rate, it wouldn’t be long before large portions of countries are covered in garbage.

By recycling second hand clothing, not only are we helping the environment, we’re also aiding those who desperately need clothes and shoes.

Whitehouse & Shapiro collects second hand clothing from around the US and sells it to trusted exporters in foreign markets. Second hand clothing that isn’t sellable is recycled into rags.  Every year, our efforts prevent 2.5 million tons of clothing from clogging landfills around the globe.

Do your part to protect the environment and donate your used clothes and shoes to our offices in Baltimore, Maryland.

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