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How Small Businesses Can Make an Impact on Fashion Recycling


Thanks to the various campaigns and online advertisements, many people are now leaning towards sustainability. Opting to buy from thrift stores instead of expensive clothing brands, and donating to charities and institutions has become more and more common nowadays.


Many businesses are also choosing to use materials that can be recycled for creating products. Products such as soft drinks and food were once sold in glass but are now sold in plastic containers that can be recycled. Tins and bottles are often re-used in homes after being purchased.


How Small Businesses Can Help

While it is confusing to understand, many small businesses can help make a difference in reducing environmental damage and helping utilize old clothes.


One way that businesses can help is by donating uniforms of ex-employees. In hospitality businesses, staffs rely on wearing uniforms when serving customers. Most hotels and restaurants throw away these uniforms after the employees have quit.


Instead, they can help by donating them to second-hand textile industries that can help reach out to charities and institutions that help those in less privileged areas. By doing this, businesses can help unprivileged families affords clothes without compromising their financial stability.


Other ways that small businesses can help are:


Holding Campaigns: By creating commercials that help create awareness about those in in less privileged areas, small businesses can help their consumers make educated decisions. They can reach out to other businesses as well and partner with them to create such campaigns.


Utilizing their Social Media Presence: Many businesses use social media networks to communicate with their consumers. This is an excellent way to reach out to consumers and create awareness. This will also help small businesses create a loyal following.


Awareness via Products: Small businesses can also create awareness by advertising on the packaging of their products. This will help consumers learn about special causes and charities that they can reach out to. Include the names of organizations that your business is affiliated with, and when advertising our products, make sure to highlight the causes your businesses is affiliated with.


Small businesses can do several things to make a significant difference. But one of the best things they can do is asks employees and consumers to donate clothing, which they can sell to second-hand textile mills.


Second-hand textile mills donate these clothes to charities or sell them to other businesses such as thrift shops.


Whitehouse & Schapiro, LLC is a global textile company that aims to create environmental awareness by selling and purchasing second-hand clothing. If you have a business that sells second-hand clothes, visit our website for further information, or take a look at our life cycle recycling policy.


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