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Spending On Designer-Wear Can Help You Save Money And The Environment!


Want to save money? Buy designer-wear! The low-costs of fast-fashion brands may be tempting but they can’t compare to the quality and brand power of designer brands – and they help you save money in the long-run.


The problem with fast-fashion


Environmentalists or recycling firms across the world of consistently highlighted the negative impact of fast-fashion on the environment. According to research, most people in the US only wear about 20% what’s in our closet; the rest is either donated or thrown away.


Environmentalists are holding the fashion industry responsible for the overwhelming amount of clothes being dumped in landfills globally. The fast-fashion industry churns out new collections of mass-produced clothing every season. Lured by the low-prices, customers have gotten into the habit purchasing fast-fashion items even when they don’t need them.


Researchers have found that if consumers switch to designer-wear from fast-fashion, it is more cost-effective in the long and it helps protect the environment too.


Here are a few ways designer-wear can help you save cash and the environment at the same time:


You won’t need to buy clothes as often

A closet full of fast-fashion items needs to be replenished but when you buy designer wear, you won’t need to shop as much. Here’s why:


Designer-wear has better quality

Fast-fashion items may be cheap but they do compromise on quality. They don’t last very long. After a few washes, fast-fashion clothes will start showing signs of wear and tear forcing you to discard them and go shopping for new ones.


Designer-wear isn’t mass produced the way fast-fashion items are and they pay more attention to quality. You know how the stitching comes undone easily in fast-fashion items? That doesn’t happen with designer-wear.


Designer-wear lasts longer

Designer-wear lasts longer for two main reasons. Firstly, it the designs aren’t trend based. They have timeless designs that look fashionable even after many years—these are clothing items that can become prized vintage possessions one day.


They can be resold

When you do feel like it’s time to part ways with older designer-wear, you can always attend to sell them in a yard sale, take them to a clothes swap or donate them to a thrift store. They will never look as worn out as fast-fashion clothing.


Consistently choosing to buy designer-wear over fast-fashion clothing will eventually allow you to save money in the long-run since you don’t have to shop as much.


Designer-wear is the better for the environment

Because you don’t need to shop as much, you’re not discarding as many clothes either. Even when you do want to discard your designer-wear, you can simply sell it or donate it. Designer-wear has a much longer lifecycle and as a result it prevents clothes from ending up in landfills.


Whitehouse & Shapiro prevents 2.5 million tons of textile-waste from clogging every year. We’re industry leaders in the second-hand clothing industry, we purchase thrift store excess and credential clothing from around the US and then sell it to our partners in foreign markets.


Have thrift store excess and credential clothing you want to sell? Drop it off at our office in Baltimore, Maryland. Contact us for more information on our services.

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