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Spring Clean Your Closet With These Simple Tips!

It’s that time of the year again—to clean your closet.

Simple Tips

Not something we’re overly excited about; yes, we have been putting it off for a while, but hey, someone’s got to do it. And that someone is you.


But before you proceed to shell out all the clothes, hats, scarves and accessories you haven’t worn in a while, you need a strategy.


Here are a few effective and sustainable tips to get started with spring cleaning:


Break Down The Process

Preferably start off with the dresser and move outward as you sort stuff out. Decide what you want to sell, donate, repurpose or keep.


If the task seems like too much to handle, maybe divide it over the next few weekends. Breaking the process down into prioritized parts will allow you to consolidate items practically.


Pro tip: Never throw away clothing items with the rest of the trash. Even clothes that may be torn or discolored can be recycled.


What Can You Repurpose?

If you feel like putting on your creative hat and repurposing some of the old stuff, try to go for indulging, exciting projects. You can make greeting cards out of clothes, use clothes as decorative accessories for gardens and whatnot. A simple Google or Pinterest search will definitely get your started.


What Are Your Buying Patterns?

As you continue to sift through you closet, notice the clothes that you often purchase but barely wear. It could be that one color you always ditch, a brand or even a style. It could also be clothes that tend to wear out faster. Consider this cleaning activity an opportunity to analyze your buying patterns and make conscious changes.


At the end of the cleaning, you may even settle for buying lesser, high quality clothes instead of buying more cheaper clothes.


Stick With The Basics

If all other ideas and efforts fail to help, remember one thing; spring cleaning is all about making additional space. It’s about shelling out the things you don’t need. Here is a quick list of the essentials you need to get by:


Discard Responsibly

Donating your clothes is all about what you expect to happen to your donations. At Whitehouse and Schapiro LLC, we use your donations to create credential clothing for nonprofits and to create second hand clothing options for those who can’t afford to buy new.


Come down to our nearest location and find out how we take care of your disposed clothes.

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