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Sustainable Fashion—Everything You Need To Know


As people, we’ve become more environmentally conscious than we were in the past. It’s easy to obtain information about unethical and irresponsible behavior that is causing harm to our environment.


We’re also more aware about certain habits and products we purchase that have proven to be dangerous for the world. But while we’re all aware of the negative impact of the oil, fossil fuels, deforestation and our reliance on plastics, not many of us know of the second greatest polluter of our planet – the fashion industry!


The fashion world—specifically the fast-fashion industry—is guilty of exploiting and contaminating our natural resources. It also hasn’t come up with a proper solution for the millions of tons worth of textile waste it leads to every year.


As the fashion industry struggles to keep things Green, consumers have the option of embracing sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion refers to the philosophy of making eco-friendly fashion choices that help the environment in the long run.


The following are types of sustainable fashion:



Before the times of mass-production, fashion was custom-made. A large portion of the clothes people wore, were designed specifically for them. It’s not the most feasible option but it does reduce textile waste.



We’re seeing more eco-friendly fashion brands in the market. These fashion brands are devoted to creating eco-friendly items that are either made of recycled materials or are biodegradable.


High-quality clothes with classic designs

High-end fashion brands may be expensive but their clothes are of superior quality and they have timeless designs that will always be in style.


Ethical clothing

Ethical clothing refers to clothing that was created without relying on unethical practices.


Repair and recycle

There’s no need to discard clothing that can be fixed; broken zippers and loose buttons can all be mended.


Clothes can also re-designed, recycled and worn again. People re-design their mother’s wedding dress all the time don’t they? It’s cost-efficient and saves them the hassle of looking for a new dress!


Rent and swap when you can

Another way to save cash clothes is to rent them or get them from a clothing swap. Not only do they help you save money but it also helps extend the life of clothes.


Second-hand clothing

If you’re not ready to commit to a life of tailor-made outfits or living off your old clothes then you can always head out to thrift stores. Thrift stores are filled with hidden gems that will make excellent additions to your closet.


When sustainable fashion becomes a norm, we will be able to significantly reduce the amount of textile waste that ends up in landfills.


Whitehouse & Shapiro prevents 2.5million of pounds textile waste from being dumped in landfills every year. We extend the lifecycle of clothes by purchasing credential clothing from thrift stores and exporting second-hand clothing to foreign markets.


Contact us for more information on donating used clothes to us.

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