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Textile Recycling How it Help Communities

2.5B pounds of textiles are tossed out every year.


With the help of textile recycling, more people can use affordable, high-quality outfits.


Products that use recycled clothes include

Wiping cloths

Paving materials

Jewelry box lining

Baseball filling


The Import & Export Of Second Hand Clothing Is Becoming A Big Business!


Globally, the used clothing trade is valued at more than $4B


OVER 90 PERCENT of Ghanaian buy used clothing.


Used clothing industry provides employment to many people.


Textile recycling businesses currently accounts for about 17,000 jobs in the United States.


A study published by Oxfam suggests that In spite of damage to the overall textile production industry, the import of second-hand clothes is still a very beneficial practice.


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Generations Dedicated to Recycling