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How Textile Recycling Innovation Challenges the Fashion Industry


There was a time when fashion was limited to those who could afford them. Once fiercely protective of their clothing line, fashion designers are now working toward making their brands affordable to the average consumer.


However, this has led to problems. First, the goal of making the latest trends affordable to the average consumer has resulted in textile waste. Secondly, research conducted by the World Wildlife Fund shows that it takes 2,700 liters of water to produce one t-shirt.


Imagine the amount of water it takes to produce hundreds and thousands of t-shirts every season. With trends and styles changing every season, consumers are encouraged to invest in the latest apparel in the market. This has led to many problems, specifically textile waste.


How the Secondhand Textile Industry is Revolutionizing Fashion

Thanks to the secondhand textile industry and its campaigns against the fashion industry, consumers are now becoming increasingly aware of the problems that most fashion brands gloss over.


Sustainable fashion is becoming the go-to choice of consumers, and there have been many campaigns about the importance of recycling clothes.


With 1.6 billion people living in harsh conditions and without access to proper basic necessities, the need for creating awareness about recycling clothes has become even more crucial.


And with 13 million tons of clothing wasted annually, it makes one wonder if there is more that can be done to reduce fabric waste.


The secondhand textile industry focuses on credential clothing and redistributing to charities and institutions.


Credential Clothing

Credential clothing is the process of collecting secondhand clothes in their original condition. These clothes are ungraded, divided by their color, size, quality, and fabric.


Since credential clothing focuses on collecting clothes that are in good condition or in their original condition, they have a market value higher than other types of recycled clothes.


Furthermore, they help underprivileged families dress with dignity, and individuals can afford proper clothing without compromising their financial position. This allows individuals from all walks of life keep up with fashion trends and dress without any worries.


Furthermore, with sustainable fashion becoming a part of the culture at a rapid pace, many brands have started campaigning against the unethical methods used in the fashion industry.


Remember, we’re the ones who can make a change, but only if we take the initiative.


We at Whitehouse & Schapiro focus on creating awareness by distributing secondhand clothes to charities and institutions. From rags, to shoes and bags, we provide domestic and international businesses with credential clothing, as well as secondhand items.


Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services

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