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Why You Textile Waste Should Be Recycled

According to a report by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), around 12.8 million tons of textile waste adds to the landfills every year.


Why This Is A Problem:


While decomposition of textile waste in landfills is not impossible, the process does release harmful greenhouse gases like methane into the air.


Greenhouse gases deplete the ozone layer, leading to global warming.


Fabric that doesn’t decompose easily takes up space for years.


For instance, leather takes up to 25-40 years to decompose.


This is where recycling comes in.


How Recycling Helps:


On a per-ton basis, over 85% more people are employed in the recycling business than in landfills.


Therefore, according to the stats, the recycling industry offers better employment opportunities along with being more environmentally friendly.


Recycling increases sustainability. Textile waste that adversely affects landfills and our environment can easily be recycled, guaranteeing more sustainability.


Don’t want to send out your waste to the landfills? COME TO US!


Whitehouse and Schapiro

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