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Sell Thrift Store Excess in Baltimore, Maryland

Fast-fashion and the growing volume of consumption in the US have some serious implications. Inspired by runway trends, fast-fashion brands design and produce large batches of clothing and have them displayed on racks in a matter of weeks.

But fast-fashion comes with massive consequences. The fast-fashion industry happens to be the second biggest polluter on the planet; second only to the oil industry. In the US, the average household throws out 70 pounds of clothing every year, out of which 15% is donated.

With so many clothing donations coming in on a regular basis, thrift stores often have an excessive amount of clothing which they simply cannot sort and display for sale.

Whitehouse & Shapiro purchases bales of thrift store excess at wholesale prices. Our team of graders goes through the clothing items and sorts them based on type and quality. From there, we sell the clothing to trusted partners abroad.

Our primary markets:

  1. Japan: We sell vintage clothing to Japan
  2. Pakistan: We sell cotton sweaters and lightweight winter clothing to Pakistan
  3. Eastern Europe & Chile: We sell warm winter clothing to Eastern Europe and Chile.
  4. Africa: We sell baby clothing, t-shirts, and used shoes to select markets in Africa.

We make sure your thrift store excess doesn’t end up in landfills. If you have a thrift store in Baltimore, Maryland or nearby communities and are overwhelmed by excess, contact Whitehouse & Shapiro today.

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